ONX Moon Dark Red Wine Reviews

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8 reviews for ONX Moon Dark Red Wine Reviews

  1. Robert Lowrie

    So, I was introduced to this wonderful little beauty at a Christmas Party at my home, when a guest brought a bottle for me to “test out”. She was very frank that it was not an expensive wine at all, but she hoped it would be “acceptable”.

    Well, when I had my first sip, I was addicted! The very subtle sweetness had my taste buds at first touch, and yes, there is just the lightest hint of chocolate and cherry from the first glass, and perhaps the hint of peppermint on the second. You do have to try this…I am determined to make this a permanent, ongoing part of my wine inventory for sure! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do…over and over!!

  2. Robin Lofgren, Spokane

    Wow… A great wine recommended by a sales associate at Trader Joes. I need to go back for more!!!!! Thank you. Just another reason to love Trader Joes.

  3. Kay

    Excellent! Full-flavored.

  4. Liz

    I’m not really fan of wine but this one here I love it I’m going back for more . That sweet taste at the end it’s si good

  5. john scheidt

    Excellent wine. Not a french style wine. This wine made in California in a big style. Good fruit, medium to full bodied and at 6.99 a bottle, is a steal.

  6. Judy Czubati

    A Trader Joe sales associate recommended this to me…and since I usually buy wines because they have interesting or clever labels…and/or are not expensive…gave it a try. It is my favorite “everyday wine” and the fact that perhaps we are helping the poor damaged wineries in California…well, that is a plus.

  7. Marjorie Hustead

    Really like this wine, full bodied.

  8. Davi Vasconcelos

    Great wine. Highly recommended.

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