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106 reviews for Balade Light Butter with Sea Salt Reviews

  1. Rosemarie Djabadary

    Balade is the best light butter (with truly buttery taste) which I have purchased from Trader Joe’s for years and it is with great disappointment that I had to find the Balade space on the shelf empty and being told by management staff that you have discontinued this product. What chance is there to bring it back. I would very much appreciate hearing from you. Regards
    Rosemarie Djabadary

  2. Sandra

    I having been using this butter for years, it’s my absolute favorite but the only place I could find it was Trader Joe’s and now they no longer have it! Where else can I find it? Please let me know!
    Thank you, Sandra

  3. Ma Mya Mya Win

    Blade butter is the best among light butter with real butter taste. Unhappy to hear that Trader Joe’s not selling anymore.

  4. Vee Berwi

    Very disappointed that TJs is no longer selling Balade tub butter, guess I will find it elsewhere.

  5. Brad Hartstein

    Balade Butter has been a regular purchase from TJ’s for years. Please bring it back, or something equal or better in its place

  6. Charlotte Whittington

    Typical Trader Joe’s…………they no longer carry an item I really enjoyed. Bring back Ballade Butter

  7. Carol E. Baker

    I am beyond upset that Trader Joe’s is no longer carrying Balade Butter. I have no idea why TJ’s would choose to discontinue this product. I have no idea where I will be able to find it as it is the only butter I use for spreading on toast or bread. Please, please consider bringing it back.

  8. Susan daly

    I have been using glade butter for year always purchased it from trader joe I wish they would bring it back

  9. Maureen McMullen

    This is our favorite butter & I was devastated to discover it has been discontinued, please bring it back.

  10. Diana Nemirovsky

    Fir years buying only Balade. Every sad and upset missing it. This is the best buttery product I and my family eating. Miss it.

  11. Carla Dutra

    I want balade butter back please! This is the only butter we eat!

  12. Karine LR

    I have purchased this better for over 20 years! The best you can find in the US. I was horrified when I found out that Balade was discontinued. What can we do to bring it back?

  13. Fran Hafelfinger

    I wonder what happened with Balade butter, also my favorite ❤️. Many times when I get used to something good , they discontinued

  14. Gloria Pyszka

    Yes, beyond disappointed. Terrible. Please bring it back. Ballade has Sat. Fat-3.5G; cholesterol 5mg , sodium 70mg. VS TJ New Zealand salted butter has sat fat 8g; cholesterol – 30mg; sodium 75mg. And easily spreadable. Gloria Pyszka.

  15. Ileana Milian

    Today I went specifically to Trader Joe’s to buy Balade Light Butter and was so disappointed when I did not see it on the shelf and was told when I inquired that it would not sold again. I used to buy five tubs every time I would go shopping there. Balde Light Butter was literally the best light butter available. Please, please bring it back!!!

  16. Thomas J Pedersen

    Bring back Balade Butter PLEASE! It’s the absolute BEST light butter available.

  17. Gennady Bark

    Today I went specifically to Trader Joe’s to buy Balade Light Butter and was so disappointed when I did not see it on the shelf and was told when I inquired that it would not sold again. Balade Light Butter was literally the best light butter available. Please, please bring it back!!!

  18. Claire L. Baker

    Bring back Balade. Its the best!

  19. Gabriele von Ingersleben

    Oh no, this is MY butter for years. Please bring it back!!!

  20. Dean Gover

    unadulterated with vegetable fats, Balade lite butter is the best butter spread on the market. Great spread. Easy to get a good taste over the entire slice while controlling butter consumption ( fat calories)

  21. lina

    Please bring back this butter! It’s the best and impossible to find elsewhere!

  22. Maya Mendez

    ….and please bring it back to Cerritos location!

  23. Linda Todd

    I have been buying Balade butter from Trader Joe’s for years…Why have you discontinued it?

  24. Nan

    Add me to the club. Balade is part of my equation to live a healthy life. Plus in Southern California I do not know of any other retailers that sell Balade, vs regular butter that can be purchased everywhere. And unfortunately the staff at the store have the attention that well that sounds about right our favorite items are always being discontinued. Also please add the Mango Black Tea to the list of discontinued items. I love you Trader Joe’s!

  25. Henry Cancel

    Best butter we have ever eaten!! Please Trader Joe’s, bring it back! Please, please, please!!

  26. Rachel Perry

    Balade is the best light butter and I’ve been purchasing it from Trader Joe’s for years. It is now being discontinued! Why?? PLEASE bring it back. I’ve been unsuccessfully “Googling” where else I can buy it I’ve even looked up the address of the importer in New Jersey!! Make my Christmas wish come true and bring it back so I’ll continue happily shopping at Trader Joes.

  27. Jerzy

    Very disappointed that TJs is no longer selling Balade tub butter, not able to find in San Diego or elsewhere.

    Balade Butter has been a regular purchase from TJ’s for years. Please bring it

  28. Lynn Hannan

    Balade is the best, healthiest butter. Very disappointed that TJ’s has discontinued it. Really, someone needs to review this item and think about adding it back to your assortment. Definite mistake to discontinue it.

  29. e wilds

    totally frustrated that TJ has discontinued Balade…..please bring it back. and the rating is for the product, not TJ, which i like but discontinues all its best products (think marmalade, hollandaise…the list goes on) thank you

  30. Ruth

    Why does TJ’s not respond and explain, in detail and truthfully, why they are not carrying Balade Light Butter. Many customers have inquired as to ‘why’ and there has been not Trader Joes response. We can handle the reason; it would be nice to know. After 23 years of providing a much appreciated product an explanation would be a professional courtesy to your customers.

  31. lance drucker

    I feel like there is gonna be a mutiny on the ship!! Clearly this is a much beloved product….Would love to know why it was discontinued…

  32. Jeanne Barlia

    Please bring Balade butter back. Like everyone previously said, we have been using it for years exclusively. We would pay almost anything to get it back.

  33. Rhys Talbot

    Very sad,a great product why would you deside to drop it ???

  34. Ioana G

    Best butter, the only brand I have used for years! Extremely disappointed that TJ’s discontinued. Bring it back please!
    And I agree with comments above, TJ discontinued a lot of great products that used to set them apart!

  35. Nan Moss

    Please bring back this item! Have been a fan of Balade buyer spread for 20 years.

  36. G Abbott

    Please bring Balade light butter back

  37. Dorothy

    I am again disappointed that Trader Joe’s has discontinued a product that I used all the time-Balade Light Butter. I would go to TJ’s to pick up this product and always ended buying additional items. Without the incentive of being able to purchase Balade’s–I will not be going to TJ’s as much as I used to because I can purchase most of their other products at stores closer to my home. I hope the management of Trader Joe’s reconsider the decision to discontinue this product.

  38. Christie Feral

    I agree with everyone here – the best tasting butter. I don’t usually like the taste of butter, but this is great and made me a convert! This has been a new staple. Have been disappointed before with TJ for eliminating products I thought were among their best. Clearly there is a demand for this butter. Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!

  39. Kendra

    Agree! Bring back the Balade! Very disappointed to hear it’s no longer carried.

  40. Fred F Kirchner

    That is the best spreadable butter that I have ever bought. So what does Trader Joe do? They discontinue it. Maybe I should discontinue shopping there. If I find this butter at another market, I will start shopping there.

  41. JB

    PLEASE bring Balade butter back! We’ve been eating it for years and love it. It’s so good and hard if not impossible to find.

  42. Kd


  43. Sheila in MD

    I too was incredibly disappointed to hear that TJ’s stopped selling Balade Light butter…I have bought it faithfully for years. I do wonder if it has to do with the EXPLOSION of plant based products that TJ has been gravitating to (as well as others-I do realize that plant base has grown tremendously however please don’t throw out other favorites) in the last year or so.

  44. Nicolas de la Forge

    We just traveled 70 miles to get a dozen tubs of Ballade butter and … what a blow… Trader has discontinued the item. There’s no alternative for that morning toast with Ballade + jam (I’m OK with the super rich Paysan or German butter for special occasions, but for the daily toast there is no sunstitute for Ballade). Bring it back!

  45. Butter Lover

    My I am disappointed to hear it discontinued. I can possibly find it on Amazon but cost 6 to 8 dollars. I ended up buying 2 back in early November and froze the other one. Now my supply is low. This legit flavor of real butter vs years or margarine and oil based hybrids.

  46. jadie lee

    Please bring this product back – it is a staple on my house

  47. BJB

    Best butter ever. PLEASE BRING IT BACK1

  48. hv

    Just like everyone else that’s taken the time to write about the Balade butter, I too am a mega fan. I have been shopping at TJ’s for over 20 yrs & the one thing that I have learned is that I am a TJ’s food masochist. The more in love I am with one of their products, the more likely it is that they will discontinue it! Please bring back the Balade butter!!! While you’re at it also consider bringing back your original angel food cake.

  49. K.K.

    I have been searching everywhere for the Balade Butter as well. I am so disappointed not to be able to buy this anymore. I don’t understand why they discontinued it. I would be so happy if TJ’s would restock it!! Anyone find it anywhere else in Souther California?

  50. JH

    Balade Butter has been discontinued?!?!?!?! Why? There is obviously a demand, why isn’t there a supply? This has been a staple in our household since the nutritionist working with us after surgery rated it #1. Please put this back on your order list. I initially thought it was a supply chain problem, however, I was wrong. Someone has mistakenly decided to discontinue this product. Isn’t it wonderful that when seeing all these reviews someone with common sense will bring it back.

  51. Witold

    Better Bring Back Beautiful Balade. Best Butter. From Belgium.

  52. Witold Rybczynski

    Better Bring Back Beautiful Balade. Best Butter. From Belgium.

  53. Angela M.

    Told by TH worker it was a supply problem but after reading reviews i’m upset it’s gone for good. Would have stocked up had I known…bring it back pretty please.

  54. Angela M.

    Told by TJ worker it was a supply chain problem but after reading reviews i’m upset it’s gone for good. Would have stocked up had I known…bring it back pretty please.

  55. Sharon Spofford

    I have used Balade Butter from Trader Joe’s for 7 years. I am sooo disappointed that I can no longer get it. What am I to do???? Bring it back.

  56. Mfrank

    Please send this long list of fans directly to Trader CEO. They otherwise have no way of knowing how much customers miss this product. Or, send by snail mail. Best way to see renewed interest.

  57. M. Flick

    I agree with all of the previous reviews about the discontinuation of Balade Light Butter by Trader Joes after carrying it for many, many years. I always bought 5-6 every time I shopped there. Judging from the number of upset customers, the B.S. that it was discontinued due to lack of demand is ludicrous! Just another example of how Trader Joes doesn’t give a rat’s ass about their customers or their requests to reconsider this unilateral decision which was taken without warning to Balades many fans.

  58. Alisha

    Please bring ballade butter back.

  59. Ron

    It’s just outrageous that Balade butter was discontinued – especially since Joe’s knew they were the
    only local store that carried the item.

  60. Stephany

    Bring it back – PLEASE – I love this stuff

  61. Dave

    Please do us Weight Watchers a favor and bring back Balade butter. The WW world will do so much better.
    Thank You

  62. M.F.

    I really don’t understand this decision to discontinue Balade butter. There is no similar product on the market. Like many others, I’ve been using it for years. Why now? Please, please, please, bring it back!

  63. Scott and Trish

    Add our names to the list pleading to bring back Balade Light Butter with Sea Salt! Costco stopped carrying years ago and then we found it at Trader Joe’s. We would buy all we could find on the shelf each time we ran out. This is clearly the best Light butter around.

  64. elizabeth castor

    I used to buy up to 8 Balade at a time because I live 1.5 hours away and would stock up on other items because of the butter. Wont be going there anymore.

  65. Bob and Shirley Harris

    Very sad, like so many other comments show. Add us to the list of disappointed customer who have shopped TJ’s for Balade. Sure hope to see TJ’s change their mind and make it available again.

  66. anna

    Discontinuing Balade is a disaster! very disappointed in TJ!

  67. Ben Northrup

    So disappointed that Trader Joe’s has stopped carrying Balade Light Butter! Please consider bringing it back. It fits so well in my diet. Can’t find a good replacement.

  68. J. M. Beam

    I was thinking that I was the only one missing Balard butter but sure see I am not alone. It’s the best and also have been buying for many years. Guess I will not need to go to Traders as often. Traders seems to be discontinuing popular items more often. What’s up? Why?

  69. Deb C

    Bring back This product please, it was the best butter and am very disappointed Traders no longer carry’s it! Come on Traders look at all the great reviews of this product!

  70. Caro D

    From far the best light butter I’ve tried so please TJ bring it back to the store! There is no equivalent to this product in what you are offering now.

  71. Marcella Antonina

    This butter was the only reason I continued to go to TJ. One less market I need to drive to now.

  72. Bruce

    I join the many others to ask, and encourage, Trader Joe’s to bring Ballade butter back to its stores. It is an excellent product, and appears to have a loyal customer base with you.

  73. susanne

    what is the reason why you don’t sell balade any longer. like so many others of your customers i used it for many many years.

  74. Rosa

    Just found out I am not the only one hoping to see TJs selling Balade again!!
    Pretty please, bring it back!


    I’m another unhappy TJ customer who can’t get Balade butter anymore. How is this possible? Please, reconsider. I’m not alone. Many want it back.

  76. Vicca C.

    Please, please bring this back! Very few places carrying this – even online.

  77. Nadeem Jafarey

    The best butter sold by Trader Joes was Balade Light Butter and without any justification TJs discontinued the product. Extremely disappointed. They should immediately restore Balade Light Butter.

  78. Nadeem Jafarey

    The best butter sold by Trader Joes was Balade Light Butter and without any justification TJs discontinued the product. Extremely disappointed. They should immediately restore Balade Light Butter.

  79. Linda Goldberg

    I am glad to see that I am not alone in being angry and frustrated about not being able to buy this wonderful product–I would give anything to find it elsewhere!

  80. Donella Brockington

    Add my name to the list of outraged TJ customers who regularly purchased Balade.


    Went yesterday to pick up a supply of Balade lt Butter. I am extremely disappointed when told by a TJ staff they it has been discontinued. I have been purchasing this brand for years.

    Is anyone from the TJ’s company able to pop in here and give us all an answer to your reasoning’s! I can’t seem to find any other store carrying this brand.

    Please reconsider bring Balade light butter.

  82. Charlotte

    Please bring it back. It’s the best light butter on the market. I drive to TJ just for this butter.

  83. Barbara Wylie

    Please bring Balade light butter back. It is the best and I have been using it for years. I can’t find anything else like it.

  84. Joy Krauthammer

    Very upset that I can not find any longer, BALADE Light Butter, in my Trader Joe’s stores, where I buy all my groceries. PLEASE bring back Balade. Best for my health, for many years.
    Why have you discontinued BALADE LIGHT BUTTER? PLEASE bring back Balade Light Butter, spreadable in the small 8.8 oz cute tub.
    Sad that you’ve also discontinued frozen Mintz’s Blintzes, years ago. You discontinued the frozen breaded eggplant slices in a box couple years ago. And the deli veggie tofu spring rolls. Thankfully, you brought back frozen Soy Creamy non dairy dessert Cherry chocolate chip.

    PLEASE BRING BACK BALADE. AND IF you are not, what will you substitute in the place of Balade, that meets health needs and a desire to add some spreadable butter to bread, etc. So many people are asking you. TJ’s is only where I shop.
    Stay well and please listen to your customers. We are loyal and grateful to you.

  85. Kristin

    Please bring it back!

  86. Robin

    I join everyone above, please bring back Balade Light Butter, the only butter I have bought for years and years!

  87. kent

    Balade Butter is one the main reasons I shop at Trader Joes. One less reason to shop there : (

  88. BB

    So upsetting…. whyyyy??? This has been my butter for years!! I cant find it anywhere else! Please bring it back! Please!

  89. Richard

    PLEASE BRING BALADE BACK!! We have tried 4other “spreadable” butters and are NOT happy with any of them.

  90. Gillian

    This butter tasted so good, which is why we would like it back in your stores. My fridge is full of uneaten spreadable butters, that taste terrible. Please bring it back!

  91. Robert Crosby

    A great butter that I have used for at least 20 years. There is not substitute. Please bring it back. None of your suggestions to use instead of don’t hold a candle to Balade. This just seems like the latest product cut of products I have used from the beginning. You are quickly removing my reasons for shopping at Trader Joes.

  92. rose

    the best butter! Please bring it back. Can we find it somewhere else?

  93. Bonnie Nathan

    There is no quality substitute for Balade. Regular butter is hard has a rock when it comes out of the fridge and the flavor is not delicate. Why was this product terminated?

  94. Pete Mason

    There is no substitute for Balade butter! I’ve tried all the other spreadable butters that Trader Joes carry.
    And they all are terrible. So please tell us why you discontinued the Balade butter.

  95. K.K.

    I am writing to add to the choir of PLEASE BRING BACK BALADE BUTTER!! I have not found anything else that compares. It is really frustrating to see that no one carries it and clearly many people loved it. Hopefully, Trader Joe’s can find a way to restock this wonderful product!

  96. Anonymous

    Like so many others, I have used Balade butter for years and it is the best there is. Or was. Please, please, bring it back.

  97. Lisbet Sjoberg

    Balade is the best tasting, easily spreadable light butter that I have found. Every time I ask when it will be available I am told that they try to get it and sometimes they get a case or two. But those disappear right away. I hope it is just a problem with supplying it from France and that it is not discontinued.

  98. Rosie

    Like already said by so many others, please bring Balade Butter back to Trader Joe’s. It is the best light butter and have not found anything close to it. I’m so disappointed that it was discontinued. PLEASE, PLEASE bring it back!

  99. Michele Frank

    Most recent update 5/2022 on what happened to Balade Butter:

    Thank you for the note. Unfortunately, there was a fire at the plant and it burned down. We are currently in the process of finding a new supplier of spreadable butter. While, we do not have an ETA on its arrival in stores, we encourage you to check in from time to time for updates.


    Trader Joe’s
    Customer Relations Communications Director

  100. Barbara Wylie

    Balade light butter is the best. No guilt on smothering my corn on the cob with it. I was very disappointed when they discontinued it. It does really taste great! I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else.

  101. Gail Hauptman

    Sorry to hear that the Blade butter factory burnt down….but as those before me there is NO substitute for this butter. When a butter producer packages their butter with such respect you know it can NEVER be replaced.

  102. Ron

    The single U.S. distributor of Balade butter was in New Jersey and is no longer in business.
    Balade butter is made by a large company in Europe and is currently available in Europe.
    Joe’s (or anyone else) is just plain nuts not to import this product themselves.

  103. Brian Ulm

    There was truly no spread like it with it’s honest butter flavor that came from butter but half the calories and fat due to being cut with yogurt. It was a spreadable delicious win and none of the soy and oil based crud that’s out there now and carried by Trader Joe’s comes close to replacing it. I am so sad they dropped it I almost quit shopping there. I’ve searched everywhere and I can’t find it . Bring it back!

  104. EH

    Please bring this product back- people lived and want it back! My daughter also enjoyed it.

  105. Mary

    I loved this butter! Please bring Balade back!!!!

  106. B Pereira

    every time i go into trader joe’s now i look at the spot where my balade used to be and i just feel angry. i’ve complained so, so many times to the cashiers, not because i think they can do anything about it, but just to try to siphon off the reservoir or disappointment i still have over the loss of this product. i struggled to lose 60 lbs 10 years ago and i’ve kept it off with the help of balade. every lite spread out there is garbage, this was the only good one.

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