Trader Joe’s Steak & Ale Pies Reviews

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Also called “Steak & Stout Pies.”


30 reviews for Trader Joe’s Steak & Ale Pies Reviews

  1. Thomas J.

    I love these! Flaky, buttery crust, tender meat, great flavors for the filling… five stars.

  2. Stacy

    These are the bomb!!! I hope they will carry them year round as they were out of stock today!!! Flaky buttery crust and delicious gravy with meat and veggies inside. Comfort food at its best!

  3. dermit droham

    So disappointed in this product, we purchased 4 of them and there was ‘NO MEAT” in 3 of them and the 4th one had 2 small very rubbery pieces of some kind of meat, It was Terrible..Really screwed up our dinner…

  4. Unsatisfied

    Extremely disappointed. There is no meat at all in these pies. If there is, it’s unrecognizable. I found one 1/4 inch cube piece of unknown material. Maybe a potato? Such a waste of time and money. Please get a new recipe and a new process for preparing this product. Trader Joe’s has not done well on this one.

  5. Cathy

    Wow. I bought this product twice. Each time, there were only 3 tiny pieces of meat and 2 pieces of potato. Gravy clinging to the sides. Crust is great but it just doesn’t cut it. Still hungry.

  6. Anonymous

    Deeelish! I cook it a bit longer to make sure crust is nice and done. British pub quality pies.

  7. Patrick

    Like the others, I’ve noted that it was light on the meat. Still, I found them to be delicious. Knocked off one star for the price. I’ll continue to buy them, but probably won’t make a habit of eating them regularly.

  8. David Leary

    I must have gotten the exception package. People have written about delicious, protein packed pies but I just finished on, almost finished one, about five minutes ago. I’ve had pub pies like this in England as well as in English style pubs in America. This isn’t it! This is what I got when I opened it up to eat. A hot pie with some gravy and veg along with, no exaggeration here, 4 tiny pieces of fatty, chewy meat. Chewy is being kind. 4 pieces of meat no bigger than the tip of my pinky finger! The second pie is in the barrel as it’s too far a trip to make just to return an expensive dog chew toy to the Somerville store! I wanted to start experimenting with different foods at Trader Joe’s but this put the kybosh to that. Back to WF again. I heartily do not recommend these pies if your looking for a good amount of tasty and tender beef. These could have been so much better!

  9. Erik Larsen

    I had I hopes but like many of the other people who gave their own reviews I was disappointed. Nearly no meat. My mother had one skimpy little piece. I had about 4 tiny pieces that could fit in a one teaspoon spoon. Pastry was good but that’s pretty much all you get. Lots of pastry. The flavor is good but they could have made this so much better. Felt ripped off by the picture on the box. Not even close. I won’t be getting any more and I may decide to go back there and ask for a regular refund.

  10. John

    Ignore the whiners, this is a great product . Last time at Joe’s could not find them, Hopefully a supply chain issue and not due to Tree Huggers,

  11. Valerie

    Although the flavor was good, as others have mentioned there was very little meat. The meat it did contain was very tough and grisley. Would not recommend.

  12. Angie Stark

    Love love love! My favorite TJ item. I get at least one box every time I go.

  13. JT

    Love these pies, I buy them every time I make a Trader Joe’s trip. Two come in a pack, so I usually split with my roommate when neither of us feel like cooking! They are small, so I definitely recommend having a side with them, but definitely worth it!

  14. Craig

    I’ve been eating these for years and have never had a problem with not getting a good amount of meat. I’m sure it can happen once in a while, but it’s not the norm. Right now I’m just wondering if these have been discontinued? I haven’t seen them at my local TJ’s in a few weeks and I’ve run out.

  15. Laura

    They must be made by weight. So the ratio of meat varies. Still these are AMAZING! I don’t live close to a TJ’s. So, I go once a month and stock up on these! I’m absolutely Addicted!! It’s probably my favorite food and I love to cook!

  16. Laura

    I gave it a full 5 stars but it show’s only 3.

  17. Rae

    All pastry and potatoes, very little beef, no gravy Very disappointing

  18. Melmill

    Can’t believe it. There was exactly ONE piece of beef in this entire pie. ONE. A complete waste of money and calories.

  19. Anthony Amos

    This is a class action lawsuit just waiting to happen. I used to love these things. I hadn’t had one for about 2 years.

    The reunion – I found a single piece of steak in my pie. It cannot legally be called a Steak Pie. It’s a Vegetable and Potato Pie, with a chance of Steak.

    If you don’t have additional meat to put on this this pie, you will be sorely disappointed. Do better Trader Joe’s. This is really disappointing; we ALL expect a lot more from you.

  20. Catherine Perryman

    I enjoy these pies immensely. Remind me of hone I U.K.

  21. Anonymous

    Mediocre, not worth the calories. Two stars because the crust is slightly buttery, the filling is mediocre.

  22. Christine

    More dough than filling, three pieces of meat, with gristle, just yuck. The picture on the box is nice.

  23. f u joes

    gross – anyone who says these are good doesn’t know what they are talking about – no meat bad taste – nothing like the picture on the box – wow that’s a shock!!! hahaha it would be better to flush the money you would pay for these down the toilet – then at least these shit pies won’t go though your digestive system….

  24. Jesse C

    Some people speak of this item as if it should match a beef Wellington. It’s a beef pie and a great one at that! I would recomend!

  25. Clyda

    I’ve tried a lot of different meat pies over the years and recently most manufacturers who produce them make unpalatable garbage. When I spotted these at Trader Joe’s a couple days ago I thought, “Those look pretty good, I’m gonna give them a try.” I didn’t bother to bake them in a regular oven- I just put them in a microwavable bowl with a cover on it and microwaved them for five minutes and they turned out really really tasty. Reasonably good amount of meat crust, Nice amount of potatoes and carrots and sauce, seasoning was nice with just the right amount of salt. I didn’t feel like I threw my money away. Sometimes Trader Joe’s stuff can be not salty enough for my taste but these were just right. I don’t know why some people reviewing here don’t like them, I thought they were very tasty and I’ll buy them again.

  26. Bob Nertney

    I cooked one in the mirowave, and one in the oven and the crust was typically a doughy mess. There really is no gravy, just some congealed brown substance with the consistency of play-doh. There was really nothing inside of the pie shellcavity, wich was extremely small, in comparison to the size of the packaed product. I’m not certain who to describe the taste; it certainly was not the falvor of Irich dark stouts or beef gravy.
    Run away, runaway, run away fast!

  27. Bob Nertney

    I cooked one in the mirowave, and one in the oven;the crust was typically a doughy mess. There really is no gravy, just some congealed brown substance with the consistency of play-doh. There was really nothing inside of the pie shell cavity, which was extremely small, in comparison to the size of the packaged product. I’m not certain how to describe the taste; it certainly was not the flavor of Irish dark stouts or beef gravy.
    Run away, runaway, run away fast!

  28. bob

    Absolute junk. Mostly crust, with maybe four or five small pieces of potato, and some small beef chunks that are extremely fatty and chewy. And I was actually charged higher than the posted price. Will never buy them again. Trader Joe’s gets rid of the good things, like Morello cherries, and seems to be cutting corners.

  29. Chris

    Thick gooey crust, bland flavor, tough meat, dry. I will not buy these again.

  30. Lauren

    Not enough meat but tasty. Like a British meat pie

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