Trader Joe’s Handmade Vegetarian Tamales Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Handmade Vegetarian Tamales Reviews

  1. Mindi Gordon

    I was excited when I found these tamales and looked forward to them. Unfortunately I found them SO SWEET as to be inedible. Yes, I am familiar with, and have enjoyed, various sweet tamales but these really should be savory. They are not. I will not buy them again.

  2. Amanda

    My husband and I adore these! Top them with their Cowboy Salsa and it’s delicious! However, I couldn’t find them this last shopping trip. I hope they are not gone forever. Their Cheese and Green Chili ones are aweful and way to spicy.



  4. Heather Cook

    I crave these normally, and now that I’m pregnant I want them everyday! I love them, my husband loves them, and our 1-year-old loves them. I pair with a little sour cream to balance out the sweetness and my hubby melts cheese on top. The kid will take them however he can! They were off the shelf in November at our store and I had a mini-pregnant-freakout, but luckily they’ve returned to Glen Ellyn, IL and my belly.

  5. John Cole

    These are great. Where can I buy them?

  6. Annette Mazevski

    These are so sooooo good! Please bring them back! If not, please email me the recipe – it’s one of my staples for a quick dinner on a busy weeknight for me and my family and they love it!

  7. Donna

    Bought these and looked forward to trying them, however, they are SO SWEET that I found them inedible!! Why put sugar into what should be a savory food?? Sugar is all you can taste. The rest went in the trash. Horrible! Even doused with hot sauce. A waste of $6+ dollars!

  8. Karen Dorfman

    These tamales replaced another packaged ‘fresh’ cheese and chili tamales that we had been eating for years and loved. This was a terrible replacement as they have added 1 tsp of sugar to each tamale (4g) which is totally unnecessary, as this is a SAVORY food. I used to fill a cart at Trader Joe’s but between the discontinued items and the one’s they have ruined, like this one, I buy very little. It’s sad because it’s unnecessary. To me, they are inedible. Please find another source!

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