Earth Balance Organic Whipped Buttery Spread Reviews

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6 reviews for Earth Balance Organic Whipped Buttery Spread Reviews

  1. Wester

    Yum! I love using this as a butter substitute to spread over bread, bagels, and anything else.

  2. Joe

    The best non-butter butter. I’m serious.

  3. Ttrockwood

    The only non dairy butter worthy buying. Great flavor as is and soft spreadable texture. Delicious on everything from toast and pasta to steamed veggies. Be sure to buy the regular (not whipped) version for baking.
    Trader joe’s sells this for a good $1-2 less than at other stores.

  4. Miguel Praca

    I loved butter and thought I could not live without it until I found Earth Balance. It does not taste exactly the same but it has none of the bland flavor of other butter replacements. It is very satisfying and has a great taste in its own right, with all the benefits from non-hydrogenated vegetable oils. In addition it has a softer consistency than butter when it is refrigerated but it melts on a toast just as well as butter.

  5. Ttrockwood

    Best non dairy butter there is!! I generally just buy the original (not whipped) but this one is great because it’s easier to spread and scoop from the container.
    Easily $2 less at trader joe’s than other stores

  6. pauli

    There are less than a handful of TJ products that I do not like. This is one. I had high hopes but hated both texture and flavor. Wish TJ carried Brummel spread, as that is my Go to. Only other product I didn’t like was the almond spread-it does not compete with generic hazelnut or nutella. Other than that LOVE TJ products & shop almost exclusvely there.

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