Miyoko’s Cultured Vegan Butter Reviews

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European style, made with organic coconut oil and organic cashews. Miyokos is a dairy-free alternative to regular butter.

7 reviews for Miyoko’s Cultured Vegan Butter Reviews

  1. Toni

    I was prepared to be disappointed but it is delicious and amazingly butter like

  2. KD

    As a vegan, I’ve tried many non-dairy “butters.” Miyoko’s is the best, not only for flavor, but also because it’s cultured and the ingredients are natural. I was ecstatic to see it at TJ, starting a few years ago. But recently it’s not been on the shelves in my area – not sure if it’s just out of stock or if they’ve stopped carrying it, which would be a travesty. Please keep stocking it!!

  3. EE

    It is by far the best vegan butter. I am having trouble finding it too. Please don’t discontinue it. I’ll have to shop elsewhere it you do.

  4. Kathleen

    Yes, this is the best vegan butter! You don’t even miss regular butter if you eat this.

  5. Megan R.

    This is a go to on my shopping trips, but haven’t seen it at TJ’s in a month.

  6. mary_p

    As mentioned by others, this is the absolute best vegan butter available. Unfortunately, the TJ’s in Commack, NY stopped carrying it around the end of 2021. Good news is the Whole Foods a few miles away stocks it.

  7. MT

    My all time favorite butter for eating & cooking with (low heat while using for cooking as it will burn quickly). Very delicious clean taste, I will never use another brand for vegan butter! Even my non-vegan, picky father loves it and that says A LOT lol. Their vegan cream cheese is also sold at TJ and I love that as well. Hope this review helps.

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