Trader Joe’s Cambozola Triple Cream Soft Ripened Blue Cheese Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cambozola Triple Cream Soft Ripened Blue Cheese Reviews

  1. Diana

    YUM!! This is my go-to for Trader Joe’s cheese, it is SO FREAKING GOOD! Kindof a mix between brie and a mild blue cheese, this is best enjoyed spread on a crusty piece of bread, eaten with buttery crackers orrrrr, let’s be honest, consumed straight off the block. Highly recommend!

  2. Sherri Garner

    I LOVE, LOVE this cheese. Not too sharp a bleu if you have issues with that. The creamy brie texture is wonderful and the flavor is perfect. I like it on very crisp boutique type crackers, or crispy ciabatta *(I like crisp breads personally, you may not) though I have been known to just use a spoon.
    Try it with the large TJs rosemary crackers, perhaps with apple slices and grapes.
    I suggest you buy more than you think you will need. It is easy to finish the wedge, believe me

  3. Prissy

    The most delicious creamy blue cheese. It’s a mix of creamy brie but even better and mild creamy blue cheese.

    We like it in the morning for breakfast served on lightly toasted rye bread.

  4. Charles Herold

    This spreadable blue cheese is amazing. They sell the same cheese in a store near me, only without “Trader Joe’s” on it and for $7 more per pound!

  5. Sandra reid

    Absolutely wonderful I was looking for Blue Costello triple cream but it was out. This cheese was delicious and mild

  6. Anonymous

    Fantastic blue cheese! It’s mild and creamy and pairs so well with dried pears. Trader Joe’s used to carry dried pears, but you can still get them from Bella Viva! 🙂

  7. Stan Stan

    Is this the best cheese ever? Kind of wierd as well. The blue cheese aftertaste in this one is like you have swallowed a chemical, but it ends up tasting memorably well, and goes down you throat so good…

  8. LGM

    I was spreading this cheese into figs and noticed long bluish gray tubes buried deep within. Each pulled out without breaking. I was even able to rent them off, but I have no idea what this foreign material is. Obviously I chose not to eat it. What the heck Trader Joe’s? This is crazy! I hardly think it’s safe to eat. Unfortunately, I am not able to upload pictures here but I’ll find a place to do that. Just beware.

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