Trader Joe’s Turkey Summer Sausage Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Turkey Summer Sausage Reviews

  1. Shannon

    So so good!! And low calorie too- only 90 calories for 1/4 of log.

  2. Grandpa

    My picky eater loves this!

  3. rachel FORREST

    why has this been discontinued??????
    it’s my favorite item at trader joe’s. please bring it back 🙁

  4. Glenn

    Please bring this back , It was a go to for us! Also what the heck is going on with the plain sparkling water?? That being said we love TJ

  5. S

    My TJs still carries this. More like 3.5. Taste like processed meat. Texture is soft, kinda like vienna sausage, but a bit firmer. Not as salty as other processed meat. Almost clean ingredients (has carrageenan). A bit acidic.

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