Trader Joe’s Sweet Basil Pesto Chicken and Turkey Sausage Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sweet Basil Pesto Chicken and Turkey Sausage Reviews

  1. idan abada

    Pretty good Sausage to bbq or just warm up. It’s skin is tough and thick and I like it for some reason. Nice flavor too. Will buy again.

  2. BMead

    Absolutely great tasting sausage – the best. Makes a great lunch sandwich. Breakfast…pairs well as a side with eggs, or diced in an eggs omelet or stir-fry with mushroom/onion/smoked pepper – yum!

  3. BMead

    Per the tough skin (sausage casings)… this particular mildly spiced sausage is the only one of the “chicken and turkey” product line that has the consistency (texture) of regular ground sausage, enclosed in a “casings” similar to Italian sausage. And the only one that is a combination of both chicken and turkey which adds and accounts for the additional taste and texture. All others in this product line are of a finer ground texture like regular franks and wieners. Go out buy it and try it!

  4. Mark

    This is my favorite Trader Joe’s sausage, but it has been unavailable in my store for almost a month. Why?

  5. JonJ

    It’s been unavailable here in the Pacific Northwest for over a month. Of course, that’s how we learn that TJ’s has canceled a product –we just stop seeing it.

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