Trader Joe’s Tomato Leaf Scented Candle Reviews

(23 customer reviews)

Soy wax, coconut oil, and beeswax blend with 2 lead-free cotton sicks. Approximately 40 hours of burn time.

Fragrance notes: freshly picked tomato leaves, bergamot, rhubarb, and geranium.

23 reviews for Trader Joe’s Tomato Leaf Scented Candle Reviews

  1. Ruth

    I have grown tomato plants in pots for years and I so much wanted to like this candle but no, this fails. The secondary scents overwhelm the tomato, bergamot being dominant. The jarred candle is plastic-sealed so there’s no way to check it out without purchase, and at $9.99 it’s an expensive mistake.

  2. Anonymous

    Perfect smell

  3. M

    I love this scent. Smells like a real tomato vine, burns slowly and cleanly, and the throw is strong. Hopefully they’ll bring it back next Spring! A freshly cut grass or petrichor candle would be cool too

  4. Anonymous

    i love the Smell , exactly as the fancy candle Jo Malone but Cheaper ❤️

  5. Sandy

    amazing sent and when Lightning very nice in a green jar

  6. Holly Martin

    Love this! So fresh, green, clean. Keep this one on the shelf!

  7. Anonymous

    when i first picked it up i was not a fan, i think it was because i was expecting something else and the scent surprised me, but once i gave it a second sniff i was like ok yea that’s coming home with me, and now that i’ve had it burning? PHENOMENAL. EXQUISITE. literally my new fav candle. i should’ve bought like 10 of these. if at the first sniff you’re turned off, throw all expectations out and give it another sniff, you’ll prob change ur mind.

  8. Andrea Cunningham

    I’ve been in love with Jo Malone’s Green Tomato Leaf candle for years – but not the price. THIS one is a dead ringer for it! Fresh, clean, light, yet surprisingly room-filling fragrance that is not at all overpowering. Totally appropriate for all year round (except maybe Christmas). I bought 5 of’em and am going back for more, before they’re gone! Definitely a keeper! Well done, TJ’s! Well done indeed!!

  9. Jane

    What an amazing candle ! bought 5 and going back to buy more 🙂 thank you Trader Joe’s

  10. John Weir

    I love the smell; one of my favorite candles.
    Great value, thank you Trader Joe’s!

  11. Maria

    very impressed with this candle, I really have to stock up

  12. Chris Sutton

    Love the smell

  13. Shawn Keane

    Candle glass cracked and exploded causing glass and wax to go everywhere. Please be careful, candle wick slides to side of glass jar causing heat to break glass.

  14. Laura

    Absolutely amazing scent, smells just like tomato garden in the sun. Going back to buy 5 more over the weekend

  15. Karenn

    What’s not to love about these candle. I love tomato vine scent. Going back to buy a case of 18!!!!

  16. Ashley

    when I bought this candle I was a little skeptical but once lit it’s the big surprise. this candle is one of the strongest and most pleasant once lit.

  17. Laeticia Papa

    Reminds me Jo Malone candle but much cheaper !

  18. Marta Carmen

    Smell amazing very clean and luxury in the same time ! But prefer wood wick than cotton hope they will do the same fragrance with wood wick

  19. Annie

    This is my favorite candle ever! I grew up gardening but haven’t gardened in many years but this candle is a nice fresh sent that reminds me of gardening as a kid

  20. Eduard Camo

    Amazing candle ! Thank you Trader Joe’s

  21. Samantha Berger

    The scent is amazing but BOTH of the two candles I have burned have shattered when there is an inch of wax left while I burned them. The green glass made a loud crack and the entire half broke off of them both and hot wax went all over my media console. I thought the first one was a fluke but the exact same thing happened when I burned the second. I have two more (I bought 4 when they came out) and am terrified to burn them. Be careful.

  22. Susanne Brad

    love this candle smell amazingly !

  23. karen

    I love the tomato leaf candle and i’m a candle snob! i’ve had no problem with the jar cracking and this is my favorite TJ candle! i will no longer buy their smaller candles in the tin container—they don’t burn very long and the tin gets dangerously hot. Please bring the tomato leaf back next spring! it has a nice, light, clean scent for Spring and Summer.

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