Trader Joe’s Crackling Citrus Green Tea Candle Reviews

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Scented candle with a wooden wick that crackles when burning. Fragrance has hints of lemon, rhubarb, rosewood, and green tea. Approximately 50 hours of burn time per candle.

20 reviews for Trader Joe’s Crackling Citrus Green Tea Candle Reviews

  1. Nina

    I love this candle and want to buy another.

  2. Anonymous

    I love this candle, can you have it back in stock please?

  3. Kelsey

    Love this candle so much!! Wish y’all would restock it!!

  4. Crystal

    This candle is heaven! I’ve gone back to the store multiple times to buy another! Please tell me they’ll be back? Purchased at the White Bridge store in Nashville

  5. Debbie

    The best candle EVER!!!! We are going back to restock for the year!

  6. Stacey

    I bought 4 of these in December started my 2nd one in January. Try to make them last thru spring. Great all year round scent. Burns evenly, wood wick lights easily & crackles everytime. Please bring back as a staple all year long!

  7. Bradford

    One of the best candle scents ever. I was only able to buy one because the TJ’s in Denver never restocked:(

  8. Anonymous

    This is amazing smells so good please have this as a regular item!

  9. Mandy

    This is one of my favorite candles that I feel is good year around. I bought so many to give to friends and family and they love it. Please keep this going year around. One of my all time favorite candles and it really helps neutralize odors and smells so good.

  10. Tessa

    I love this candle. I bought 5 of them when I saw it; should have gotten more. I gave most of them away for Christmas gifts. Please bring it back!!

  11. Annie

    Love, love this candle! This candle is so refreshing and the crackling sound is genius (literally like sitting around a campfire…I’m exaggerating a bit but you get the idea). I am bummed that I didn’t stock up and purchase a ton over the holidays! I wished they would sell them ALL YEAR ROUND.

  12. Anna

    This is just the best candle ever. Even better than 100$ Jo Malone. But I cannot find them anywhere. Where they seasonal?

  13. Nelle Girl

    I love Trader Joe and this candle… I will be back to shop when this candle returns! That’s how much I love it!!! Thanks

  14. Beth Stauffer

    This is the best candle I have ever experienced in my life! Still waiting for them to bring it back! Please bring it back Trader Joe’s!

  15. AJ Davis

    The fragrance is amazing! I want to buy more but am not able to find them right now ‍♀️

  16. Cindy

    Love this candle! Heard it was a seasonal item and I keep searching . Please tell me they are coming back! Would highly recommend making it available year round!!

  17. Patsy

    Best scent ever! Can’t find it anymore. Please bring it back!

  18. Johnny

    Is it made from soy wax?

  19. Gabi

    Please stock this as a regular item. It has such a nice clean smell. Not sure why it’s not a regular item in your store all year long. 🙂

  20. Julissa

    Amazing candle! Please restock in a Morgan Hill California. I bought 3 went back today only to find out it’s out of stock and that’s seasonal. Please make it a year round product!!! It’s amazing!!!

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