Trader Joe’s Thai Banana Fritters Reviews

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Sliced namwa bananas from Thailand in a coconut milk, rice flour, and sesame seed better. Thai-style dessert sold in the frozen section – vegan and gluten-free.

Ingredients: bananas, coconut milk, rice flour, shredded coconut, sugar, rice bran oil, water, sesame seeds, cornstarch, baking powder, sea salt.

Contains sesame, coconut.

Can be made in a conventional oven or in an air fryer. 270 calories per serving, 2 servings per box.

11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Thai Banana Fritters Reviews

  1. Attila Szendrodi

    These sound so good but are they even real? I’ve seen nothing about them on Instagram and neither of my TJ’s seem to know anything about them.

  2. Mooncat

    Delicious. Very much like what is served in a Thai or Vietnamese restaurant. Not really a shareable serving though, more of a single dessert order size. Worth it! I hope TH’s keeps these in store, I can’t wait to buy more.

  3. Wes

    These are one of the best desserts I’ve ever purchased from a grocery store. I was skeptical going into it, because I thought a frozen version might end up super mushy or otherwise not as appealing. But I made them in the air fryer, and they came out literally restaurant-level quality – so delicious! They go so well with vanilla ice cream on the side too. They almost have a funnel cake-like taste on the outer batter breading, which is super tasty.

    I may or may not have eaten the box as one serving…

  4. courtney

    SO, SO good. super crispy on the outside and perfectly creamy on the inside. my new favorite snack! the only downside is that there weren’t enough in the box!

  5. Lisapple

    Delicious. Bought them yesterday and ate a couple today. They taste delicious and indulgent, yet not too sweet or rich. The perfect sweet snack without being too sweet. And fairly healthy comparatively

  6. CR

    Probably one of the best things I’ve ever purchased at Trader Joe’s! For those that don’t own an air fryer… they cook very well in the oven. I served these with some of the TJ pineapple spread and a little whipped cream… delicious! They would also go well with vanilla or coconut ice cream!

  7. Revel

    Delicious! I popped them in the air fryer and they were so so good!

  8. Jennifer

    Love these upset discontinued
    Gluten free and this one thing I looked forward to and turned others onto them

  9. Helena

    We didn’t appreciate these enough while they were around, apparently 🙁 RIP, gone too soon.
    Already so good on their own when they’re crisped up just right, but perhaps even better when served à la mode with a scoop (or two) of Okie Dokie ice cream.

  10. jennifer

    WHY!?! Did they have to discontinue these??? I’ll admit, I bought two boxes and let them get buried in the freezer. Both were gone within 24 hours, and now they are gone forever. So sad. A worker said she tried to talk them up to people, but they were a hard sell. They should have made samples and they would have flown off the shelves.

  11. Anonymous

    Bring back the Thai Banana Fritters!!! They were the best!!!

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