Trader Joe’s Gone Bananas Chocolate Banana Slices Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Gone Bananas Chocolate Banana Slices Reviews

  1. tjsreviews

    YUMMM! These chocolate covered bananas are SO good! I remember being really sad when I saw that the full bananas had been discontinued, but then noticed that they’d just transferred over to these sliced ones. Anyway, they are delicious. My two complaints are that there are like…10 slices per box (which is obviously only 1 serving), and, now that they are not attached to a stick (like the whole ones were), the chocolate gets ALL OVER your hands. Or at least my hands…Worth it.

  2. Cindy


  3. Strawberry

    Good frozen banana slice covered in chocolate but more icy than I would have liked.
    Buy Gone Berry Crazy! (TJ’s frozen chocolate covered strawberries) instead.
    Both are pricy but those sweet strawberries are worth it.

  4. Tim

    Not my thing, didn’t like the texture at all. Going to get a refund.

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