Trader Joe’s Tartufi Dolci all’ Amaretto Reviews

(4 customer reviews)

Italian truffles with chopped hazelnuts and Amaretto flavor.


4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Tartufi Dolci all’ Amaretto Reviews

  1. Anabel

    These little truffles are delicious.

  2. Monika Ludwigsen

    I love this item and so do my family & friends. I think you should carry this all year round not just seasonally! We love chocolate all year round! Please! Please!

  3. John Huon

    They were–i say were because i haven’t seen them in a while–an excellent chocolate with amaretto with crunch provided by the amaretti grains which contain apricot kernels. They were a perfect combination you don’t find very often. Please consider resurrecting them.

  4. Bernice Clemons

    Please bring these back to Trader Joe’s.

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