Trader Joe’s Cocoa Truffles Reviews

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10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cocoa Truffles Reviews

  1. Sally

    Such an amazing value for the price and they taste so good! I bought them as a Christmas present this year for my team at work and they all agree that they’re awesome!

  2. sawsan

    So decadent and delicious, I always get these. They’re so addictive its impossible to stop eating them!

  3. M. Mejia

    I never thought it would taste that good. No bitter taste at all. So enticing….Can’t resist the taste, so addictive. I will give it as a present for sure.

  4. Jo Ann Howard

    the best, still buy this.

  5. Tom Tomjonovich

    Some of the best commercial chocolate truffles I’ve ever had. A nice treat and taste pricier than they are.

  6. Annaberry

    hot cocoa mix in a truffle

  7. Kate


  8. TSP

    Incredible – sweet but with a sea salt finish. Everyone I’ve met who’s tried these loves them.

  9. Linda O

    Very addictive

  10. Violet

    Rich chocolatey taste and it’s the perfect ratio of sweet with a hint of bitter! I can’t have too many of these around because it’s so easy to just keep popping them into your mouth.

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