Trader Joe’s Cocoa Truffles Reviews

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11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cocoa Truffles Reviews

  1. Sally

    Such an amazing value for the price and they taste so good! I bought them as a Christmas present this year for my team at work and they all agree that they’re awesome!

  2. sawsan

    So decadent and delicious, I always get these. They’re so addictive its impossible to stop eating them!

  3. M. Mejia

    I never thought it would taste that good. No bitter taste at all. So enticing….Can’t resist the taste, so addictive. I will give it as a present for sure.

  4. Jo Ann Howard

    the best, still buy this.

  5. Tom Tomjonovich

    Some of the best commercial chocolate truffles I’ve ever had. A nice treat and taste pricier than they are.

  6. Annaberry

    hot cocoa mix in a truffle

  7. Kate


  8. TSP

    Incredible – sweet but with a sea salt finish. Everyone I’ve met who’s tried these loves them.

  9. Linda O

    Very addictive

  10. Violet

    Rich chocolatey taste and it’s the perfect ratio of sweet with a hint of bitter! I can’t have too many of these around because it’s so easy to just keep popping them into your mouth.

  11. Rox

    This product used to be made in Belgium with different ingredients. It is now made in Canada using a different recipe. The list of ingredients is include natural flavors aka artificial, and non-regulated,, sugar is the second ingredient. Sadly No longer Belgian chocolate quality. I will not be buying this product again.

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