Trader Joe’s Super Vision Eye Formula Supplement Reviews

(53 customer reviews)

53 reviews for Trader Joe’s Super Vision Eye Formula Supplement Reviews

  1. David

    Not sure what role it might have played. But my last drivers license renewal I took these the month before the DMV eye test and passed the test I’d failed the preceding renewal. I then got that ‘needs glasses’ removed from my DL. At least these supplements didn’t hurt any. If I had any eye related concerns, I’d at least give a bottle of these a try. They probably won’t produce instant results or any miracle recoveries. But they may provide a nutrient that helps improve the eye health of some.

  2. Jamie G

    I’ve been using this for over a year to help with age-related night vision issues and I have seen a difference. Worth the money!

  3. Anonymous

    My ophthalmologist said this made my eyesight better!

  4. Anonymous

    Best Eye Vitamins available !!!

  5. Anonymous

    Great product, have used it for years. And now it’s being discontinued…Why, Trader Joe’s, Why?

  6. Anonymous

    I agree with the others on this page–loved this product and am heartbroken that Trader Joe’s isn’t carrying it anymore!

  7. A person

    I’ve used it for years and it works. I find it suspicious that its on Amazon and Ebay for more than twice the price of what it cost in store. Blame the Bezoar. That is what I call the fiend that is Bezos, the langolier of commerce.

  8. Chris Wolff

    I have relied on this product for years. Why is it being discontinued?????

  9. Chris Woodruff

    Please bring this product back or at least tell me why you are discontinuing it. Is it a health issue or you’re just not making enough money off of it?. Those of us who use it really like it. If it’s a monetary issue, I feel like you are letting down customers who think of Trader Joes as more than just a store; a place that cares about what their customers need and want. Please bring it back! Chris W.

  10. VR Zahn

    Agree with the others–this helped, and I can’t find any similar formulas elsewhere. Who has been manufacturing this for you? Can we get it from them?

  11. bela

    This item is one of just a handful of things I want to buy at TJ.
    I’ve come to rely on this item for almost 20 years, it helped my eyes a LOT.
    And HQ Cust Serv refused to give any info about the manufacturer.
    Very upsetting! Bye bye TJ.

  12. Audrey Cantley

    The only eye vitamin that I can take is Trader Joe’s Super Vision and evidently it has been discontinued. With such great reviews, why has it been eliminated?

  13. Jill Ford

    Fabulous product. I can really tell a difference when I take Super Vision.
    But where is it? I went to the store to re-stock and it was gone!
    Please bring it back!!!
    Bring it Back!!!!

  14. Kim

    Best supplements I’ve ever taken! You actually can see the difference immediately if you take them or don’t. I’m really bumbed that they discontinued it. Why? Where can I find the same ingredients at such a reasonable cost????

  15. Cecilia Richardson

    I have noticed a SEVERE decline in my vision since you discontinued SuperVision. With all the things I loved that have been discontinued, I figure Trader Joe’s is losing close to $100 per month that I used to spend there, never mind all the stuff that now have sea salt in them. People with fish allergies can’t have sea salt either! Five starts for SuperVision, NO stars for Trader Joe’s!

  16. Cynthia

    I cannot believe Super Vision has been discontinued. I have been using this products since it was put on the shelf. My eyes need and miss this product. Please bring Super Vision back.

  17. Theresa Broadnax

    TJ’s Super Vison Supplement is a MUST HAVE! I just found out today that it was discontinued and called my daughter in SC to check her local store as well as the 3 I’m nearest and nothing in stock! I could virtually kick myself for not making the 45 min trip to my nearest TJ’s several months ago and if I’d been aware would have purchased at least 5 bottles.
    Please reorder and restock as it makes a huge difference in eye health! I can testify as well as my Optometrist, truly! If not, please advise on a quality copycat, that would suffice.

  18. jim G

    Yes, I cant believe how well this worked. Please bring it back!!!

  19. Les M

    Please for the sake of everyone’s vision – bring back Super Vision Supplement. I beg of you!!! At least tell us why the heck it was discontinued???


    This helped me SO MUCH. I COULD SEE SMALL PRINT SO MUCH EASIER.I was wearing my glasses on my head more than on my nose!
    And now its discontinued!!!
    The closest is Webber Naturals SuperVision, also from Canada as this was.

    Please bring it back!!

  21. Lily

    I cannot believe that Trader Joe’s has yet again discontinued a valued and effective product. First it was the Spirulina in January and now the Super Vision herb supplement. My vision improved and I went back to an eyeglass prescription from 4 years ago!! What the heck, Trader Joe’s, keep a product that’s working!!! Please bring it back!!!!!

  22. Diane

    I am also disappointed to learn that the product is being discontinued as it is one of the reasons I go to Trader Joe’s.
    There are a handful of products that you carry that no one else does. This was one of them. I have to pass by 3 other grocery stores to get to Trader Joe’s. Please consider bringing this product back.

  23. margot

    Please bring back the Supervision supplement. It’s the best on the market.


    I’ve been searching all over the place for a vitamin that can substitute Super Vision and nothing compares to the Super Vision of Trader Joe’s. I’m so discouraged that they took it off the market without any reason. I was treating my dog that was blind and These vitamins have helped her tremendously These vitamins have helped me from having migraine auras, have helped improve my night and day vision. Now I suffer from going outside in the sun when in fact the sun is suppose to help me from ailments. Not being able to take these vitamins people have to suffer. Please either have a replacement or put them back on the shelf!
    Please, Tells us why it is off the market! Please. and Thank you .

  25. NOREEN

    “SUPER VISION eye formula dietary supplement”by TRADER JOE’S
    Is indeed the best eye formula you can buy!
    It helps with blurry vision you get from working on the computer screen, and other ailments like migraine auras, Macular degeneration, Glaucoma and eye discharge.
    It is more than 5 stars**********
    I really hope that whoever makes this SUPER VISION EYE FORMULA can replace it back on the shelf. I would buy years worth if I knew they were going to discontinue this product.
    Please please please put it back on the shelf!! Thank you. P.s.. I never write reviews but this time I need to because of this product has helped not only myself but has helped out others who have used this product and has depended on Trader Joe’s products to deliver genuine products.

  26. GL Cadaing

    I have to add my surprise and disappointment that Trader Joe’s has discontinued the Super Vision eye supplement. As a current commercial airline pilot, and former Naval Aviator, I have relied on this outstanding product for many years. I am 59 years old and have maintained 20/20 vision with the help of Trader Joe’s Super Vision tablets along with their Multi Vitamin and Antioxidant mineral supplement.

    I have absolutely depended on the Super Vision eye supplement and realized a marked difference and improvement in my night vision, ability to focus inside/outside the cockpit, locate air traffic, and read small print while taking the supplement. Additionally, eye fatigue is reduced and vision did not blur after flights or long periods of reading.

    I have noticed a gradual decline in my vision over the past few weeks as I have used up my last bottle of Super Vision…Especially in my night vision and sharpness/acuity. After “red eye” flights my eyes do not recover, as they normally did, and stay tired and blurred for a longer period of time.

    I have recommended the Super Vision eye supplement to many of my colleagues as they are surprised that I am not requiring corrective lenses at 59 years old. They all have reported improvement in their vision and were thankful for the recommendation. As professional pilots, this is not just a health benefit…It is a safety of flight issue which contributes directly towards setting us, and our passengers, up for the highest probability for success. This is actually a product which I consider a direct contributor towards safety of flight!

    Sharp, clear, and accurate vision is critical to safety and I greatly miss this product! I would request the Trader Joe’s leadership to immediately bring this product back, or at least, refer us to an identical product that may be available elsewhere, under a different name. You folks may be a passenger on one of our jets, at some point, and should take great comfort knowing that your product is directly contributing to a safer flight!

    Respectfully, and all the best from a long term faithful Trader Joe’s customer.

    (Perhaps someone reading this may have additional information regarding an equivalent supplement?)

  27. Ren

    I agree with all of the other reviews. I’s a shame that TJs has discontinued this product. It worked great. I don’t understand the logic in discontinuing products that customers depend on. It seems to be a theme at this store. They also carried bean flautas for years and then suddenly discontinued them even though the store said that they were a best seller. Who makes these decisions? I don’t get it.

  28. Michael

    Just another of many vitamins and supplements that we used for many years that Trader Joe’s has discontinued with no equivalent substitute.

    Vitamin C crystals (bottle)
    Super Crusade vitamins
    Men’s multi-vitamins (non-time released)
    Multi-vitamin and mineral formula without iron (capsule)
    Evening Primrose
    Super Vision

    We’ve switched over to ordering from Vitacost and stopped shopping at Trader Joe’s.

  29. bela

    TO ALL – Super Vision (under a different name) is sold online now. The name is Eye Factors™ with 2 mg Lutein. Found it on Swanson, Vitacost, other places. The same ingredients.

  30. margaret barnes

    please bring this product back. it has been a tremendous help to my vision and apparently as i read the ones above, others agree with me. the cost of healthcare and supplements increasing, I am hoping you will reconsider and bring this back

  31. Toris Jaeger

    I would like to order directly from company since Trader Joes has discontinued. Great project 5 stars. Toris

  32. Lee Nyc

    SuperVision gave both of us results, so thanks for the Eye Factors tip! Info on discontinued items is helpful.

    TJs has enhanced our lifestyle, so their work is appreciated – don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth 🙂

  33. Cindy M. Waite

    Trader Joe’s Super Vision is one of a kind. There are no other end vitamins available with the same ingredients. Please bring this product back. I never had good night visioning I started taking your product. My friend who drives cab at night had also come to depend on this supplement to help him.

  34. SDR

    Thank you SO much, Margaret, for the Eye Factors 2 info, just ordered it today from Vitacost (last day of their current 20% off sale, too!) and I’ll always be grateful for the tip. (one star for TJ’s discontinuing Super Vision, five stars and more for everyone writing to try to change their mind here, and especially for Margaret!)

  35. SDR

    Sorry! All the best to margaret, but I read it wrong — it was bela! Thank you, bela. 🙂

  36. Carla Wisch

    I found out today that Super Vision was discontinued. It was a sad, sad day.

  37. Rhonda P

    Trader Joe’s Super Vision was made in Canada by Webber Naturals. Their product is called Webber Naturals Supervision. It has the exact same ingredients. You can buy it in Canada or on Amazon in the United States. I strongly agree that Trader Joe’s needs to bring this product back!!!

  38. Willa Michener

    PLEASE bring back SuperVision. I have retinal degeneration of unknown cause. I have been taking SuperVision every other day for 25 years. My retinas remained stable all those years, except for one year when I used a lightbox for winter depression. My doctor does not know if my supplements made the difference, but he thinks they may have. I do not want to change them!

  39. ek

    Please bring the Super Vision product. It made a difference.
    Thank you.

  40. Anonymous

    Please bring back the Super Vision supplement!!!

  41. Lee

    Please bring back the Super Vision supplement!!!

  42. Darnellkat

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  43. CarlosTak

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  44. Kevingaupt

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  45. Scottykic

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  46. FrankNuaks

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  48. Luli

    SuperVision was THE best eye supplement out there because it actually worked. I’m always told, at Trader Joe’s, that they often pull things that don’t sell well, or that are seasonal. Well SuperVision doesn’t come under those categories. Why pull an effective product that people are clamoring for? You could certainly make money by bring it back, for Pete’s sake! Whoever made the decision to pull this product should be run out of town!!!!!

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