Stockmeyer Prosciutto Reviews

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Mildly smoked and sliced. Not made by Trader Joe’s, but sold at many Trader Joe’s locations in the meat section. Product of Germany.


10 reviews for Stockmeyer Prosciutto Reviews

  1. TSP

    Any other brand of prosciutto from Trader Joe’s is better. There’s almost a slimy texture and a dull taste to this brand, and I don’t believe I got a bad batch.

  2. Carl

    One of the best smoked meats I’ve had. Great smoky flavor.

  3. Nino


  4. Sarah Horne

    Smoked prosciutto is a revelation… with a Kiss melon in the best way. Highly recommend

  5. Penny

    Love the German imported prosciutto that TraderJoe’s carries. It has the best flavor.

  6. Anonymous


  7. Anonymous

    One of the best prosciuttos I’ve ever had! (and trust me, I have tasted quite some good ones in Europe)… This is super flavorful and smoked to perfection! Always in my shopping list!

  8. Matt B.

    Tastes like bacon. Chewy, and a bad aftertaste.

  9. Melissa

    Tastes like a slice of ham, which is fine but that’s not what I’m paying for!

  10. Matt B.

    Tried it again. Still terrible! Tastes like a chewy ham served in a dirty ashtray.

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