Stockmeyer Prosciutto Reviews

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Mildly smoked and sliced. Not made by Trader Joe’s, but sold at many Trader Joe’s locations in the meat section. Product of Germany.


5 reviews for Stockmeyer Prosciutto Reviews

  1. TSP

    Any other brand of prosciutto from Trader Joe’s is better. There’s almost a slimy texture and a dull taste to this brand, and I don’t believe I got a bad batch.

  2. Carl

    One of the best smoked meats I’ve had. Great smoky flavor.

  3. Nino


  4. Sarah Horne

    Smoked prosciutto is a revelation… with a Kiss melon in the best way. Highly recommend

  5. Penny

    Love the German imported prosciutto that TraderJoe’s carries. It has the best flavor.

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