Trader Joe’s Calcium Magnesium & Zinc Supplement Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Calcium Magnesium & Zinc Supplement Reviews

  1. Chico Vegan

    This is a great, affordable vegan Ca-Mg-Zi supplement.

  2. Hilda

    I love this product and I sometimes take it at night it helps me have a great restful night. But also helps me with my menopause symptoms. It cuts out the hot flashes and helps with calcium deficiency.

  3. James

    The pills are huge, hard to swallow, and I’m supposed to take two. I only take one. Getting one down is difficult.
    I’m only taking them now because I ran out of small Zinc pills.
    Isn’t there a way to make this in smaller capsules?

  4. Phyllis

    Warning this pill has too much magnesium in it. 500 mg in the combo pill and the average woman should take 300 to 310 no more. Unfortunately I found this out after I got violently sick within the hour of taking it sweats cramping my blood pressure shot up to 195/100. I was sick for a good six hours. This happened to me before but not as severe. I took a bunch of pills and I didn’t know which one did it. Through trial and error I eliminated all pills and slowly brought one back. This reaction was far worse than the previous there was no doubt it was this pill. Look up magnesium doses online and you will read that you can have this kind of a reaction and not to exceed 310 mg. This should be pulled off the shelves! It almost killed me and could have caused a stroke or heart attack. I’m a huge Trader Joe’s fan there every week I’m so surprised they didn’t do the research on magnesium before they made the spill!

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