Trader Joe’s High Potency B “50” Dietary Supplement Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s High Potency B “50” Dietary Supplement Reviews

  1. LindaCobb

    Have been taking them for years, stopped my hair from falling out why are you discontinuing the b-50. I went toy trader Joe’s to buy some and that’s what they told me. They said they were discontinued since July of this year. Would you explain why?

  2. LindaCobb

    Why are the vitamin b-50 discontinued?

  3. Barbie

    The Trader Joe’s B50s are amazing. I can no longer find them, however. They work so well. They are the second best thing to the B Complex injections. Why are they discontinuing them?

  4. Monica Marcial

    I also take Trader Joe’s high potency Vit. B50 and went to get more today and they said they were discontinued ! WHY !!! I need them … please let me know if you have any more anywhere or if they will make them again ? why did they do this ?

  5. Debbie Stouch

    Best B complex.
    Don’t understand why they were discontinued, please explain.

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