Trader Joe’s Spicy Porkless Plant-Based Snack Rinds Reviews

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7g of protein per serving. Gluten-Free and Vegan.

10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Spicy Porkless Plant-Based Snack Rinds Reviews

  1. Kez

    I’ve never had real pork rinds, so I can’t compare it to those. But these are really good. I like the puff-style texture, and the flavor that they have is great. My only critique would be that sometimes the first quarter of the bag doesn’t have as much seasoning as the rest. It seems like each piece should be covered with a lot more of the seasoning consistently. They still do have a heat, but for the first several handfuls, barely spicy usually in my experience. However, overall, super addictive – I can easily eat a bag of these in a sitting, and I buy them constantly! I really hope Trader Joe’s never discontinues them! One of my all time favorite grocery store snacks.

  2. Kahlifa

    Man, these are tasty. I agreed with the reviews above when I first started eating them, but as I got deeper into the bag the seasoning became stronger. They’re so good – whether or not you’re vegan. Warning, though: you may eat the whole bag in one sitting if you like them! I may or may not have done so. Now I buy several bags at once to last me between trips to Trader Joe’s.

  3. Sorra

    I love pork rinds, but I cannot stop eating them. I know they are slowly killing me, but I will eat as much as in front of me. The same is true of these… but they aren’t killing me any where near as fast. Now if I could just eat a bag over a number of days rather than a number of minutes I might live even longer.

  4. Matt Herold

    These have become one of my all time favorite items. I was never a huge pork rind fan, I’ve had them and yes they are good but they are also total fat / cholesterol bombs so I avoid them.
    These are an amazing substitute. They are seasoned perfectly. As others have attested to, the real challenge here is not eating the entire bag. Every time I have a couple it turns into at least half a bag.
    They are spicy but not insanely so. In times past (guess I’m getting old) most people would have said these are very spicy. In today’s world when most people have gotten used to some really spicy stuff these are no longer crazy spicy but they do pack a nice punch.

  5. GEND

    For a vegan chip, this was super tasty! The spice was there and I liked that little kick it gave. The bag was not as airy as a regular pork rind but besides that, everything was the same

  6. Pliny

    These are a remarkable snack. Usually healthier snack foods are developed by nutrition nuts who can’t seem to balance the nutrition with good flavor and texture. These are perfectly spiced with a hint of habanero heat, but not too much heat. Texture is a pleasant airy-crunchy. One serving has 7 grams of protein and is low fat with no cholesterol. Amazing.
    They hit it out of the park with this one.

  7. Violet

    Yum! I very much prefer this to actual real pork rinds. The seasoning is just spicy enough with a slight hint of heat without being too overwhelming. The chip also has a light puffy crunch to it.

  8. Pi

    These snacks are perfect. I was really distressed to not find them on the shelf this last weekend. Hopefully they aren’t discontinued!!

  9. Kathi

    Perfect spicy snack! Sooo delicious AND they have 7 grams of protein per serving! Love, love, love these!

  10. Irene Batson-Rumph

    These were amazing. I went to Trader Joe’s again today looking for them. I was a very unhappy shopper to find out they’ve been discontinued. I can’t eat pork any more and used to love pork rinds. These were perfect to get that craving satisfied. Trader Joe’s please reconsider. I know a few people that sad they’re gone. Including at least one of your employees.

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