Trader Joe’s Vegan Pasta Bolognese Reviews

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Meatless plant-based bolognese style sauce with mushrooms and red lentil pasta.

22 reviews for Trader Joe’s Vegan Pasta Bolognese Reviews

  1. WS

    This is my favorite new frozen meal that Trader Joe’s has come out with in 5+ years. So good! I actually don’t always love spaghetti bolognese type of dishes, because ground meat (even vegan versions) isn’t my favorite. But this is really filling, great flavors, nice mix of textures, and smells delicious even from the microwave. I really, really hope they don’t get rid of it! I buy multiple every time I go now.

  2. Kiki

    Not the worst pasta I’ve ever had, but pretty close to it. The lentil pasta missed the mark, and threw off the entire dish’s enjoyability for me. Will not be buying again, sadly.

  3. Mary Sikorski

    Just finished this 2 minutes ago. Honestly, this is a really fantastic vegan dish. Pasta was right on and the “meat” sauce tasted great. Also, the calorie and protein count is outstanding 410calories and 40g of protein! It’s a very well rounded lunch, and I will buy it again.

  4. Michele O

    Pleasantly surprised. I had tried their red lentil pasta in the past and wasn’t a fan but this was very good for
    a frozen dish. The texture was similar to meat and the sauce had just the right amount of sweetness.

  5. Hugh

    I bought this thinking I could cook it in the oven. Can’t find instructions for that, so that’s $7 down the drain. We intentionally don’t use a Microwave for cooking.


    Eh, I’d give it a 5/10. Consistently of pasta is weird. Over all, not great. Wouldn’t buy again

  7. Emma

    Amazing! You can add garlic powder and make it even better

  8. Emma

    Amazing! You can add garlic powder and make it even better


    i have no idea if I got a bad batch or not but the pasta tasted undercooked. I threw it away after two bites because it was just so gross

  10. Anonymous

    Pasta sauce wasn’t bad, but imo the pasta was not tasty at all. Very hard to the bite as well. I love so many Trader Joe’s frozen items, but this def is not one of them. Won’t buy it again.

  11. Ash

    It tasted yummy… but you better be ready for the gas you will have after, don’t eat at work or do if you don’t like your co-workers

  12. Sean

    This pasta tastes bad enough that I wanted to write this review. The pasta, the sauce, it’s all bad. I’m going to complain next time I shop at Trader Joe’s because I’m forcing myself to eat it because I can’t waste money and need to eat something, but this is very disappointing.

  13. Jackie Casano

    This is one of my favorite frozen meals. It’s delicious and very filling. I actually have this a couple of times a week.

  14. Elana

    While the nutrition facts are excellent on this (so much vegan protein!!!) I personally disliked the taste. It is edible but it has this bitterness to it that was just kinda nasty. My husband on the other hand, loves this frozen meal, so for my vegan friends in need of a quick, cheap meal, it may be worth trying. I for one, will not be microwaving it for myself again.

  15. Anonymous

    Texture of the pasta was unpleasant and the sauce tasted bitter. Would not but again.

  16. jenny

    The pasta had pieces that were undercooked. The microwave on the instructions said 4 to 5 minutes. I left it in the microwave for 4 minutes & pasta was still cold. I wouldn’t even give this pasta to my worst enemy it didn’t taste good at all & the pasta was undercooked.

  17. Terese

    Disappointed in the Vegan Bolognese. The pasta was an odd texture that was not pleasant and the sauce seemed a bit bitter (for lack of a better word). Won’t be buying this again.


    If you’re really in a pinch this might do it but for me.. so sorry didn’t like. Has a funky after taste which I can’t explain. I won’t buy again and the other half is unfortunately being trashed I did put fresh basil on it… am trying all vege stuff but this is a pass.

  19. Gracie

    I just tried to leave a reviews but was kicked out. Thought this was something I wouldn’t buy again. Has after taste even w basil. Be sure to stir half way through… makes a difference as another reviewer recommends. To each his own… not my taste.

  20. pastahater101

    goofy ass pasta

  21. Stella

    Idea is good, but the product is way too salty and the pasta is hard. Salt could be halved and pasta could be cooked more

  22. Ady

    Great vegan, high protein option and very delicious! I add some hot sauce or chilli peppers but otherwise, love it.

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