Trader Joe’s Spicy Buffalo Cheddar Cheese

(3 customer reviews)

Pasteurized cheddar cheese with jalapeno and habanero peppers.


3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Spicy Buffalo Cheddar Cheese

  1. Pain

    Asshole on fire as it leaves the next day, though tasty.

  2. Michelle

    Never take this off the shelves, it’s so so good. This world needs more spicy cheeses. Please don’t break my heart Trader Joe’s

  3. S

    Had a sample. Definitely taste processed and spicy(around 6.5 -7in spice level). Won’t burn your mouth unless you eat a several huge pieces at once. For someone who is sensitive to spicy foods, it will burn your mouth. It tasted better than I expected. Full on flavor.

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