Trader Joe’s Shooting Stars Cookies Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Shooting Stars Cookies Reviews

  1. Lena

    I loved these cookies! Fun shape, unique taste, and they aren’t kidding about the pop rock type of candy on it. It really does pop! Even just when I was holding it in my hand, it started to pop, and felt like genuinely eating pop rocks once it was in my mouth. I love the chocolate flavoring, too.

  2. Rachel

    These cookies are pretty tasty! On my first bite, I didn’t get enough chocolate, and wasn’t that impressed — the sugar cookies themselves are kind of bland. But on the bites after that, when the chocolate hit — yum! Tastes surprisingly decadent for a cookie-topping type of chocolate. The popping candy is really fun to eat in each crunch, too.

  3. Wes

    These cookies are awesome. I’ve never had anything like them before; ie: a cookie that has Pop Rocks on it. I didn’t think they would really pop like Pop Rocks but they did, and it was a cool dessert experience to have that extra “firecracker” feel going on in your mouth. The box is relatively small, but it’s fairly inexpensive (I believe it was $2.99) so that seems fair.

  4. Julie Raddkiss

    I was guided here by you Cinnamon Star cookies which I want available all year. All your other star cookies are chocolate which I hate in baked goods only like in chocolate bars plus most of your cookies are crispy which some folks can’t eat due to Dental work so please make they Cinnamon Star cookies available year round or please tell me how to order them from your supplier or any place (sans warzone) awesome Thanks in advance

  5. Lania Bettin

    Love these shooting stars I hope they continue carrying them. Fun

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