Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Stars Cookies Reviews

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11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Stars Cookies Reviews

  1. Gary

    Soo good – be warned, they’re super addictive! I wish they sold these all year round, but as it is they’re another thing to look forward to about the holiday season.

  2. Cindy

    These are fantastic! I bought a lot to give as gifts this year. They sell out fast and the new mini mint flavored ones were gone before I knew it.

  3. Rachel

    Love these! If you like chocolate and cookies, there’s no way to go wrong with these — I just wish they sold them year-round! A nice treat to look forward to every December.

  4. Angela

    I’m so in love with these and everything else desserts in TJ’s. I wish they would sell them all year round. We get so excited when Christmas time comes.

  5. Rachel

    These are actually a Hanukkah holiday cookie… wish people recognized that. The blue, stars and kosher emblem indicate that but many people don’t know it seems. Yes, these cookies are totally delicious!

  6. Dave

    These are just so, so good. It’s difficult to stop after one or two or three.

  7. Schmambells

    These are so addicting. Been buying these for years but noticed that the 2021 batch, the cookies are thinner than they used to be — bit of a bummer since the cookie itself was what really makes its salty-sweet combo of goodness so tasty. Still pretty yummy though.

  8. Tom Tomjonovich

    Yes! Yes ! A thousand times YES! A favorite and the one pound box means more to enjoy.

  9. Anonymous


  10. JD

    Awesome cookies! Found them at my Knoxville, TN Trader Joe’s. We moved here from Pennsylvania where we grew up with Stauffers chocolate stars (and bunnies at Easter). Stauufers is located in York, PA (I think). Does anyone know if Stauffer’s makes them for TJ’s? They taste exactly the same

  11. Anonymous

    Not too sweet, about 2 grams sugar per cookie which is kinda lot considering that it’s not a huge cookie. Still good though. Have to limit myself to one cookie at a t time as I do eat other sweets throughout the day. Hence sugar consumption per day adds up.

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