Trader Joe’s Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Stars Cookies Reviews

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14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Stars Cookies Reviews

  1. Wes

    These are incredibly delicious – and addictive. Even better than the regular Trader Joe’s dark chocolate star cookies.

  2. Rachel

    These are SO good! Glad to see they brought them back after last year. Probably my favorite Trader Joe’s holiday product.

  3. Lena

    These sold out fast this holiday season — only the regular dark chocolate stars are left! I love those too, but next year I’ll have to stock up earlier in the winter season on TJ’s mint stars.

  4. Julie

    Outstanding. Only holiday cookie needed

  5. Callie

    I love mint and chocolate and cookies. I have every mint chocolate treat they make at my house…. but I didn’t care for these. The mint flavor was so overpowering that it tasted like chemicals. I was so excited to try these but I couldn’t eat more than 2.

  6. Lori J

    Warning…do not be with these cookies alone!

  7. Susan

    Excellent cookies. A hit with a lot of adults at Christmas!

  8. Anonymous

    These are tied with Peppermint Chocolate Jo-Jos as my favorite TJ’s cookies! YUM!

  9. K.L.M

    You Cant Just Eat 1…. omg good.

  10. B. E.

    I love the Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Stars. I wish they would sell them year round. Maybe they could make red, white, and blue mini stars for the Fourth of July?

  11. Serenity Guedel

    Holiday favorite. Grab a few boxes if you see them because they will be GONE FAST.

  12. Anonymous

    Amazing. I wait all year for these. Are they back this year?!

  13. Anonymous

    not too sweet, crunchy, not too minty. each cookie is tiny. good for portion control.

  14. Lisa

    My favorite Trader Joe’s product ever. If I had known they were going to sell out at the very beginning of the holiday season, I would have stocked up. Now I can only dream about them and count the days until they return.

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