Trader Joe’s Fat Free Balsamic Vinaigrette Reviews

(84 customer reviews)

84 reviews for Trader Joe’s Fat Free Balsamic Vinaigrette Reviews

  1. Didi H

    I think we can agree that expectations are not set high for a fat free salad dressing, to begin with, but this was just…no

  2. Diana

    Delicious! Great for my diet since its so healthy and I don’t have to waist time making my own. You can always add a little olive oil if you are feeling special.

  3. Ken Edwards

    Trader Joes No Fat Basalmic dressing is very tasty and love it on my salads. The good part it helps to stay under my 50 fat grams a day diet. I buy it everyweek and keep extra on hand. I am going to try it with nuts like almonds and walnuts.

  4. Maggie McDowell

    PLease stock this product again! It’s wonderful and all of my friends love it, too. I was so disappointed to find that it is no longer on the shelves. Can you reinstate it?

  5. Debbie Irwin

    PLEASE PLEASE bring your F F Balsamic Vingerett back. I’m lost without it.

  6. Anonymous

    Please bring this back. With

  7. wendy powers

    Please bring this dressing back! you cannot even tell that it is a fat free dressing. it is my absolute favorite and everyone I have let try it loves it too!

  8. Ellie

    Love this dressing and have been using it every day for years. I am really hoping it makes a return as I have not had a dressing like it before and cannot find anything close!

  9. Suzanne Silver

    LOVE THIS DRESSING! Please stock this product again! It’s wonderful and all of my friends love it, too. I was so disappointed to find that it is no longer on the shelves. Can you reinstate it?

  10. Joel Bernstein

    You have discontinued selling Trader Joe’s Fat Free Balsamic Vinaigrette. Please reconsider and bring it back. It is healthful and tastes great!

  11. Terry Hamm

    Do you plan on bringing back the no fat balsamic salad dressing. PLEASE. You try to have healthy items on your shelves. This was one of your best.

  12. D Worrick

    Please bring the no fat balsamic vinaigrette back!

  13. Rhonda

    I have been using this for years and love it. It’s no longer available at my local TJ and my pantry is all out. Please bring it back!

  14. Mary Jane Au

    Excellent! Just heard discontinued. Please please bring back.

  15. Laura

    Please bring this tasty non fat low sodium dressing back to your shelves. Low sodium is so important!!

  16. Rochelle Temkin

    Please bring it back. It’s fantastic – I’m lost without it.

  17. Hilary

    Please, please bring this back! It’s my family’s favorite!!

  18. Debbie Perry

    PLEASE BRING THIS BACK TO YOUR SHELVES! I not only love this on salad, but on vegetables, as a marinade, and just about everything!

  19. Bob

    Love this salad dressing. Please consider bringing it back, nothing else compares
    to this dressing.

  20. Robert

    Best Fat Free Salad dressing. Was saddened to learn it was no longer available. Would love to see it back on the shelf.

  21. Michelle Feynman

    Please bring this back. Impossible to find a substitute. Just a perfect dressing. You’d never know it was fat free – and so tasty!! I pack a salad for lunch regularly and I truly depended on this dressing. Had a perfect tang, and wasn’t too heavy on the garlic/onions. I liked feeling healthy. I decided since the calorie count from the dressing was low, I could add more interesting items to my salad. Sad days ahead. Hope you reconsider and bring it back.

  22. Salad Lover

    Trader Joe’s – bring this back! This low calorie, zero fat dressing was amazing. The ‘new’ balsamic version is 90 calories and hardly fat free.

  23. Linda V

    Why is it gone?!! This got me through my weight loss! Please bring it back.

  24. Lorz

    Agreed, totally lost and devastated without this dressing, it has been my favorite for years! Please bring it back!

  25. Jason S.

    Bring it back!!!! I love this stuff.

  26. Thomas Murray

    I’m lost without this dressing I used it everyday day for years. Please bring it back. I can’t believe it did not sell well. I dumped the new one down the drain after buying it once. It’s terrible.

  27. Thomas M

    I’m lost without this dressing I used it everyday day for years. Please bring it back. I can’t believe it did not sell well. I dumped the new one down the drain after buying it once. It’s terrible.

  28. Robin

    I LOVE this dressing!!! There is nothing else like it! Please bring it back!! It is the reason I eat salad everyday!! Please!!!

  29. Robin K.

    If I had known this dressing was being discontinued, I would have bought every last bottle.

  30. Dave B.

    WTF Trader Joe’s, why did you discontinue this most excellent product. You are literally killing me.

  31. Susan M.

    I am so sad this dressing has been discontinued. It is the ONLY fat free dressing I have ever liked. I just ask WHYYYYY????

  32. Janet Bustamante

    TJ’s FF Balsamic Vinaigrette is hands down your best salad dressing. Why would you discontinue it?

  33. Savannah

    Please bring this back!! It is so good and such an amazing fat free alternative.

  34. Margaret

    I Just found out yesterday that this had been discontinued. I keep stocked up but finally needed more. I was SHOCKED!! This is the Only salad dressing I use and I LOVE it. I hope TJ’s Looks at all of these posts and does bring it back! I’ve tried others and threw them away. I gained 40 pounds during Covid and was ready to get back on my FF Balsamic diet!!! I even use it on sandwiches! PLEASE bring it back. Meanwhile, I am searching for possibly the recipe. I will try to make my own before trying yet another brand I don’t like!

  35. Janet

    Best salad dressing of any fat or fat free! Please bring it back.

  36. KD

    I agree with all these comments – please bring back this wonderful dressing!

  37. Tina

    So sad!!!! I can’t believe this is discontinued. Can we start a petition to find a way to make it again

  38. Chris C Winget


  39. Chris

    PLEASE!!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE bring this dressing back. I’m lost without it, I used it every day on my lunch salads.

  40. Al

    This was the best fat free dressing I’ve ever used. I keep asking for it at store but told it isn’t in stock. Well duh, I can see that! Please begin stocking it again.

  41. Margaret

    I keep checking to see if TJ might see our pleas and bring it back. But disappointed each day. If they Will NOT, it would be at Least helpful to get the specifics of the ingredients so we could make it ourselves. The ingredients are listed on the bottle. I’ve googled and googled trying to find a recipe. I just still Cannot Believe this was discontinued. It is the ONLY dressing I have served on salads for gatherings for probably 5+ years. It would be Nice if TJ might Comment here and let us know if there is any possibility.

  42. Shari Moody

    I love this dressing – I’ve been buying it for years – Please Bring it back – P L E A S E

  43. Katy

    Please bring this dressing back. Pleeeeeeeeease!

  44. Dana Eagle

    I agree. Great dressing. Please bring back.

  45. Dale Foster

    I am so disappointed that you discontinued this delicious dressing. Please bring it back. You can see from the reviews how much people loved it.

  46. Julie

    Please bring back the fat free basalmic vinaigrette…my 90 year old mother used it to spice up casseroles, & I use it for a marinade. Please consider reinstating this one healthy item. Thanks

  47. Linda

    Please bring this dressing back!!! This was the best fat free balsamic dressing ever! Low in calories and very low points on weight watchers. I got my family and friends hooked on it and then all of a sudden it’s not in the store anymore. Very upsetting.

  48. Leigh

    I came to the internet searching for this dressing. I am SHOCKED to have learned it was discontinued. Best salad dressing EVER!!!

  49. Kate

    Please bring it back!! TJ’s is a bit out of the way for me – this product was the #1 reason for me to drive and over and done my shopping at your store… summer just isn’t going to be the same without it

  50. Elle

    Please please please bring this back!

  51. Leslie Hankey

    BRING it BACK!!!

  52. Lisa

    I can not believe this was discontinued. This was the best Sala dressing EVER. I came online looking for it just to learn this bad news it was discontinued.

  53. Ruthy Danvers

    PLEASE bring back the TJ Fat Free Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad Dressing!!!!!

  54. Libby

    Best bottled salad dressing of ANY I’ve tried. PLEASE BRING IT BACK. Pretty Please!!!

  55. Barbara

    Please bring the Trader Joe’s Fat Free Vinagarette dressing back. It was so great! Can’t believe it’s not in the stores anymore.

  56. Dennis

    Agree with everything here – I was devastated when told the LF dressing was no longer available. The new replacement is awful. Bitter, acidic, thin, separates out – horrible. Even the color is terrible.

  57. S green

    Love ❤️❤️❤️This dressing!…..WHY did they stop!!???

  58. E. Marcus

    After finally finding and enjoying a delicious weight watchers friendly dressing, I am so disappointed to have learned that this item was discontinued. This is on behalf of myself and my Weight Watchers buddies!!!!
    BRING IT BACK!!!!!!

  59. Michael C

    Dear Trader Joe’s: PLEASE continue to sell this oil free balsamic dressing. I am addicted to it.

  60. Lucy G.

    Please, please, PLEASE bring back this dressing!
    This was THE BEST salad dressing EVER!!!

  61. Karen Rautenberg

    How many comments does it take to get a reply? Why is this amazing dressing no longer available? Our family loved it!!

  62. Sharon brennan

    I’m lost without this, please bring it back!

  63. Elizabeth

    Bring this back please. My favorite!

  64. Julie Long

    PLEASE, PLEASE bring back the Fat Free Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing. By far the best dressing! No substitutions even come close.

  65. Valarie

    Please bring back the FF Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing! It is the best tasting lo-cal dressing ever!

  66. CourtneyH

    I sadly didn’t notice this sooner because I used to buy like 10 bottles at a time. I went in the store today to replenish my pantry and almost broke down crying!! PLEASE bring it back!!

  67. Colby Filson

    This dressing is so tasty and flavorful. I loved that I had a good fat free option for my daily salad in this balsamic. PLEASE bring it back! It was one of my go to items that I bought in bulk!

  68. Anonymous

    Trader Joe’s please bring this back! I agree with everyone else, it taste so good and the calories can’t be beat.

  69. Kristin

    Only salad dressing my dad would use. We just ran out (bought a HUGE amount awhile back). People seem to really like this dressing…I noticed you don’t have many kinds left in the store, can your team consider bringing it back? I’ve made trips over to the store (a bit of a distance from me) just to look for that!!!!

  70. Mary

    So disappointed that I can’t find this anymore! Why? Please bring it back! Absolutely my favorite salad dressing!
    Nothing else on your shelves compares. Please!

  71. Jessica

    Cannot make one of my favorite recipes anymore because the flavor just isn’t right without this dressing!

  72. MKHeinze

    Adding my voice to the ones above. Great Tasting. I haven’t been able to find a replacement. Your new vinaigrette doesn’t come close. Any chance we’ll see it on the shelves again??

  73. Linda Quinn

    I miss this dressing sooo much. I used it not because it was fat free but because it’s the best store bought dressing ever! Please bring it back!

  74. Sus Gray

    I need this in my life! Ate it everyday for years!! Please please bring it back….nothing compares. Can’t, find anything else. This sucks

  75. Myrnamae Schwartz

    I too ate this dressing every day for YEARS. I use to hoard this stuff in fear that it would disappear and sure enough. The only drawback with TJs is that products are always being discontinued.

  76. suzanne

    Please bring this back! I cannot find another substitute balsamic like this!!!

  77. Barb

    Please bring this FF Balsamic dressing back! It is the absolute best! I am on my last bottle.

  78. Gail L Tigue

    Your Trader Joe’s Fat Free Balsamic salad dressing was a staple in our household. I cannot find a product like this anywhere. The dressing is extremely great tasting, yet low in calories and free of fat. Please bring it back!

  79. Judi B

    I’m with the other millions who want it back!! PLEEEEEEZE??!!! Or at least give us the recipe!!

  80. Mari M

    As a former marketing manager for a major food manufacturer, I’m baffled as to why you discontinued Trader Joe’s Fat Free Balsamic Dressing. Obviously your customers
    (including me) love it, and are pleading for it to be brought back. There’s nothing else comparable on the market. Raise the price if you must, but please revisit the decision to discontinue this excellent product.

  81. Pattie

    LOVED your Fat Free Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing!! Please bring it back. You will make so many people happy!!!

  82. Barbara Jones

    Would love to see this product brought back again!! Is there any glimmer of hope that it will be?

  83. Susan

    Absolutely the BEST fat free salad dressing! Can TJ not see how many people are requesting it be brought back to market?!

  84. Marisue

    So sad that this has been discontinued- down to the last bits of my last bottle. Any chance of bringing it back??!

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