Trader Joe’s San Francisco Style Sourdough Boule Reviews

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Stone hearth oven baked classic bread.


2 reviews for Trader Joe’s San Francisco Style Sourdough Boule Reviews

  1. Dede Erickson

    i found this bread in Knoxville TN trader joes and it is simply delicious. Even tho the caloric count is higher than what i would like – the taste is divine. and toasted even better! Sad news is that I cannot locate this bread in the Minneapolis MN area. !!

  2. Julie Anderson-Smith

    PLEASE BRING THE SAN FRANCISCO STYLE SOURDOUGH BOULE BACK TO THE MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL METRO AREA!!!! It’s very, very disappointing to loyal Trader Joe’s customers to have to go through the loss of the sourdough boule for a second time in a few years because, as I have been told, local suppliers (I guess) can’t keep up with the demand. So? Just maintain the usual order, and whoever shows up when it’s on the shelves gets it. First come, first served. For a few happy years, each time I traveled from Minneapolis to see my 80-something-year-old aunt in Trader Joe-less Fargo, North Dakota (an otherwise nice town), I would bring a loaf or two of the sourdough boule. My aunt, my mom, my sister and I have good memories of visiting relatives in northern California, eating the San Francisco sourdough there, and bringing loaves home with us. The tang and chewiness of Trader Joe’s boule more than satisfied our hankering for the original. I brought a loaf on a visit to Fargo the first weekend in November of 2020, and my aunt was eating a slice of it, toasted and spread with peanut butter, while watching CNN, when Joe Biden was officially declared the winner of the presidential election. It was a momentous morning with President-Elect Joe and Trader Joe’s. Come on, decision makers, bring back the sourdough boule and keep those great memories coming!

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