Trader Joe’s Cracked Wheat Sourdough Bread Reviews

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10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cracked Wheat Sourdough Bread Reviews

  1. Patricia

    Absolutely the best bread for sandwiches – grilled, especially! – and for toast to go with my morning T.J.’s Orange Juice with Pulp! It’s a bit tricky to make sandwiches because of the size range of the slices so I have to plan ahead, and then maybe make croutons with the “oddball” slices and crusty end pieces. But it never goes to waste, for sure!

  2. D

    Poor substitute for the original! Back to Albertsons for the real thing!
    I’ve been buying this bread at Trader joes for years…until recently the pulled it and substituted a regular sourdough bread in its place. That lasted about a month. So I know I wasn’t the only one who wanted the old bread back!
    Well, they are again selling a bread called Trader Joe’s Cracked Wheat Sourdough, but it is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the original. Each slice is 130 calories as opposed to the other loaf that was 110 per ice. This bread is cut thicker and is much more dense and chewy. I went back to Albertsons to get the real thing and compared labels and slices. PS the Albertsons bread contains non-GMO ingredients; the TJ’s bread does not.
    Please stop insulting your customers’ intelligence with this junky new bread. You just keep giving me more reasons to shop elsewhere.

  3. Vickie

    AMEN on the above review of the “new” version of Trader Joe’s Cracked Wheat Sour Dough bread. It’s dense and not light textured like it use to be. It’s like eating a big thick piece of cardboard! I don’t know what went wrong with the former vendor of the “greatest bread there was”, but, I’m finding myself not shopping at Trader Joe’s just because of I’m dissatisfied with this new bread. Sorry Trader Joe’s, I’m thinking there are a lot of us who are not happy with the substitute.

  4. Alfonso Philippe

    Yes…I agree with the last two reviews. Inferior substitute of the original. It tastes bland with the texture of cardboard!

    The original was virtually identical to the San Luis Sourdough version (perhaps they were the suppliers?). After they discontinued supplying it, they went with these subsequent copies that are terrible. Instead of wheat, these versions have added soy, barley, and who knows what else…

  5. Robert Nichols

    I think they withdrew the marvelous older bread because of the problem with large holes in the bread. The holes are gone now but the bread is now very disappointing—slices too thick, and the wonderful tangy sourdough flavor is gone, replaced by a bland and boring taste.

  6. CR

    The reviews are right. I just bought a loaf of the Cracked Wheat Sourdough. We used to like this bread but now the texture is very chewy and just doesn’t taste as good. I have been buying less and less of my groceries there since many items are not carried or have changed.

  7. Anonymous

    The original cracked wheat sourdough disappeared a couple months ago and was replaced by a dense tasteless substitute. That seemed to last about a month and then, thankfully, the original bread ( same recipe/baker ?) came back into the store again. Unfortunately, on our last weekly/semiweekly trip to Trader Joe’s a few days ago (just after Christmas) we’re back to the tasteless junk that is supposed to be sourdough bread. As mentioned in one of the previous reviews, the good bread is still available elsewhere, so we will be taking our business there.

  8. Lillian

    I agree! When it came back, we did not get the same product. The tang is definitely gone. It’s a bit on the dryer tasting side. Totally disappointed because this was the ONLY sourdough I would buy. Bring back the original recipe!!

  9. darlene arsanis

    TJ’s can’t trick us. I was disappointed months ago when I was told TJ’s was going to stop selling it. A few months later I saw it, thinking it was the same as the original one. It’s not awful but just nowhere as good as the original. I was so disappointed when it stopped being available. Then a few months later I saw the ”dupe” one thinking it was the same. Whenever I ask a TJ’s employee about a product no longer being sold, they always say something about a ”packaging problem” or some other fake reason they no longer carry a product. A few months ago I wanted to buy Kerrygold Butter but was told there was a problem. I bought a pound of organic butter from Europe, salt but zero taste. Then the Kerrygold reappeared.

  10. Chris

    The taste is mildly sour and subtle. I like it because I don’t tolerate a lot of acid and it didn’t bother me.

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