Trader Joe’s Salmon Jerky Dog Treats Reviews

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WARNING: if you’re considering buying these, please read all of the reviews below. It’s possible that these may have caused medical issues for many dogs that have taken them, according to some of the reviewers below.


71 reviews for Trader Joe’s Salmon Jerky Dog Treats Reviews

  1. Chelsea

    Dog loves these and the only ingredients are salmon and salt. It’s so hard to find treats for dogs without chicken in them, these are great!

  2. Dee

    Atlantic salmon, salt, $3.99, and made in Florida – what’s not to love!

  3. Linda

    Welp, I bought these in a rush and do not see anywhere on the package that tells me where they are made. Isn’t that required?

    Based on the issues with jerky for dogs the past few years, I cannot assume that these were made in America and could just as easily come from China and therefore be dangerous.

    So, can’t give a good review. And these will be going back.

    TJ’s … please include country of origin on your packaging.

  4. Cari

    I saw 2 ingredients on the package and was excited to see something so natural for $4… After giving both my dogs one treat, within 6 hours both have had extreme, loose diarrhea. I have two yorkies and they haven’t been able to eat or poo normally over a day. I am disappointed and now on my way the vet. Skip the treats here for small dogs at least!

  5. Susie

    I just bought the treat yesterday and gave only half portion of treat and after 8 hrs, my dog vomited and started having bad diarrhea. Very disappointed and had to take her to Vet. Now worry about my dog, hope stop having diarrhea.

  6. Sam Granger

    I have big dogs and they love them but only gove half a strip a day.
    They are made in Florida and my dog Sam loves them. Goes mad fir them!

  7. Rosa Foster

    My dogs absolutely love these!

    It’s so good to see a salmon treat like these in Trade Joe’s.

  8. Pat Meehan

    Stupidly bought them, then saw no listing of where these are made, just distributed by a California co. Will return these and the liver treats

  9. Sleep deprived dog owner

    It’s really hard to pinpoint what causes a dog to get violent diarrhea. But I gave these to my dog who has an extremely strong stomach the night before and by morning he had diarrhea. I thought he’d just poop whatever was in him but it didn’t stop. He was so sick with diarrhea I had to go to the vet twice and had him on iv bc of his dehydration. $600 and 4 days later he’s on the mends and still taking antibiotics but I’m wary now. I’m going back to Plato dog *treats.

  10. Alexandra Kay

    my dog also got terrible diarrhea. It lasted for over a day and she was miserable and I was quite worried about her. Extreme. She did eat too many, but still…other treats have never done this to her. And there’s a reminder on the package to provide water to your pet at all times…makes me wonder if there isn’t a LOT of salt in these or something… Will NEVER give her another one of these… and it is misleading as to where it is from and it is definitely raised salmon and it was bad news for my 60 pound boxer/pit mutt.

  11. Jessica

    These treats made my Boston Terrier vomit and have bloody diarrhea within hours of eating one. He continued to be sick through the night, which resulted in me scrubbing the carpet at 4am. Now I’m watching him closely to make sure he isn’t dehydrated and needs to go to vet this morning. I will never give these treats to my dog again. Based on my experience and the reviews above, it appears there is something seriously wrong with these treats and should not be fed to dogs unless you want a very sick dog.

  12. Jan P Ferris PhD

    On two separate occasions several weeks apart, I gave my 60 lb, Standard Poodle one of these salmon jerky treats. Both times, several hours later, he puked and had slightly mushy poop. Too much coincidence for me. I’m aware Trader Joe’s takes very popular branded products and sometimes puts their own label on it. Who makes these damn things? I would like to know. While the label claims the fish is from Scotland, there is no other info where these are actually manufactured. Never buying these again.

  13. Bobbie Gentry

    I just bought these for my chihuahua (who has tracheal collapse) and since they are *crispy*, not soft, I rest them in some water for a minute before I tear them into small pieces. Well, yesterday, I found a small (about 3/4 inch) piece of bone! Not Good. If I hadn’t softened the piece first, I might not have even noticed it! I’m taking them – and the bone – back to the store where I purchased them. They need to be recalled.

  14. Joseph

    My dog goes mad for them just dont over treat them a sthey are very rich
    I give half a strip

  15. Sue Reid

    I recently came across these treats and my dogs love them!

  16. April

    Please make them smaller and softer as my dog can only eat half a strip he is a cocker spaniel
    If you could do them soft also??
    Sam loves these though

  17. Brenden Marks

    My cocker spanial loves these omg goes nuts
    Would love them in a sall round bite softer somoretreats perpack please
    Made in the usa ichecked withTJin florida

  18. Dawn Meisch

    These make my dog vomit. They are going in the trash.

  19. Brian Davis

    My Alaskan Malamute became very sick from the Trader Joe’s Salmon Jerky Dog Treats and the Trader Joe’s Salmon & Sweet Potato Dog Treats. My wife brought them home, and I questioned them, but she has such a high opinion of Trader Joe’s, I let my guard down. My dog’s stools just kept getting looser and looser, to the point of watery & bloody diarrhea, vomiting, and loss of appetite. It was only after coming home from a $200 trip to the vet where no cause of the sickness could be determined that I found others has the same problem. I will never let my guard down again on any type of processed pet food or snacks! I should have known better; the things literally didn’t smell right. I will continue to make all of my dog’s food and snack so I know what he is getting.

  20. CJN

    Our dog loves these and we haven’t had any issues with them. Only problem is that they are VERY fishy smelling so make sure you close the bag. We also only feed one per day max and he gets plenty of water (60 lb pittie mix).

  21. Debbie Murphy

    I recently bought the Salmon and Sweet Potato treats. Still no information on the packaging to inicate where they are made and what else is in them. After just ONE, my 77 lb Doberman Pincher became violently ill and vomited for half the day until her stomach was completely empty. I’ll never buy these again and I am reporting them to every one who will listen. I know it was the treat, because she had been to the vet a couple of days before and was fine. Feeding her these treats were the only thing that was different in our routine. Something is not right here.

  22. Shanna

    Zero stars, beware! Made my dog sick on 2 separate occasions that I gave him a small piece broken off. After a few hours he was violently vomiting all over, both times. They say the only ingredients are salmon and salt. Either it’s bad rotten Salmon ot way too much salt. My dog eats Castor Pollix Salmon dog food daily with no problem at all!
    They should stop selling these!!! I threw them in the trash.

  23. Elyssa Jenkins

    These made Salmon Jerky treats from Trader Joe’s made our puppy very sick! They should be taken off the shelves! I wish I saw all of these horrible reviews earlier. We love Trader Joe’s so trusted they would have quality treats for the dogs -big mistake! Our 4 month old puppy ( who Lives different types of treats) had diarrhea and was vomiting throughout the night. We ended up spending over $400 on an emergency veterinarian appointment.

  24. Jerry Dunton

    We we feel great about giving our English setter, Spy these very nutritious treats that only contains Atlantic Salmon and salt! He absolutely loves them too! Jerry

  25. Melanie Bermenez

    I have never had an issue with animal treats from Trader Joe’s. I suspect some of us got a bad batch but it will not be something I test out again. I’m going on day 2 of vomit and diarrhea. I have a Dutch Shepherd he weighs 105 lbs he has hardly eaten in the last 24 hours. I had to force feed him to keep him nourished. I may have to take him to the vet if his symptoms worsen. The package was not expired, they did not smell foul.

    I can not express how disappointed I am of this product. I believe a thorough investigation should be launched before this causes the death of a dog.

  26. Anonymous

    Just bought some TJ’s Salmon Jerky. Out of the bag each piece looks like a thin slice of sourdough bread (flat and oval) dipped in reddish paste. It breaks up the same way as a slice of bread treated with dried paste. The ingredients say only salmon and salt but this looks and behaves nothing like salmon jerky – skeptical and disappointed.

  27. Annelise

    My dog ate these treats and he’s been having diarrhea and vomiting. These are bad news. Headed to the vet in the morning.

  28. Elisabeth

    My dog’s been eating TJ’s salmon jerky and salmon sweet potato treats, and she’s been having diarrhea. Additionally, there’s been mucus and blood in her poop. I wish I had come across everyone’s reviews earlier. I trusted TJ’s too much!

  29. Stephanie

    Purchased these for a teething pup. Thought you could not go wrong with salmon….good lord….horrendous diarrhea for four days ending with a vets trip, antibiotics…. I can not recommend these. Too many people mentioning the same diarrhea problem. Exercise caution.

  30. Nicole Gehweiler

    0 STAR! Serious vomiting and diarrhea for two days so far!! They really need to take these off the shelves. The second day is when blood showed up in her stool. Keeping her hydrated but may have to take her to the vet for fluids. Have taken her off food for 24 hours to see if that helps (she does have an appetite, but threw up her breakfast the day after it all started) Poor little thing. These treats should not be on the shelf. After reading SO many reviews that say the same thing. Please TJ’s stop selling these!


    My dog loves these. 1 soft strip is easy to break into three pieces which ahe enjoys every night. We have never had any issue with these.

  32. Deborah

    Terrible. Within an hour of having one my dog threw up. I thought it must have been something else she could have picked up but oh no. I think I have given her two treats in total and she has been having diarrhea all night. My poor baby it breaks my heart. I wish I would have seen these reviews. This is really terrible and I will never buy dog treats from Trader Joes ever again. I just cant believe they go on selling them. I wish I could say 0 stars. Really that bad. Just hoping she gets better soon.

  33. Lex

    DO NOT GIVE THESE DO YOUR DOG. My otherwise healthy puppy has been vomiting and has had pretty awful diarrhea the past 24 hours after having these treats.

  34. Melissa

    I have a standard poodle and a small Pomeranian and gave these to a treat yet the standard poodle more than the other and both of them ended up with bloody diarrhea however my standard poodle had to go to the vet with bloodwork and antibiotics after $1200 will see if there is an improvement in a few weeks. I wish I would’ve read the reviews before I bought those but who does that with the limited ingredients and the reputable store that it comes from I figured I was making a wise choice. I wish I could post a picture of my dog in the miserable state of being she’s in loaded off the pain medication and the antibiotic she is completely lethargic.

  35. Rath Angela

    Zero stars. I fed one and a half of the sweet potato and salmon treats before bed to my 15 year old Italian greyhound. He’s been whimpering, gassy, and needed to go outside a dozen times last night. He’s going straight to the vet this morning. I lost my 14 yr old Italian greyhound two days ago unexpectedly. Shaking, fever, and severe lethargy. I gave him these treats, too. He got so sick so fast that I had to take him to the emergency vet. They recommended putting him down. He had no issues the day before and was actually quite happily moving about the house.

  36. Diana

    Do not buy for your small pups!!!!!!! I heard good things about Trader Joe dog treats so I decided to buy it, but now my dog has been vomitting and having bloody diarrhea. I’m currently at the ER and am kicking myself for not reading these reviews earlier. Your poor puppy does not deserve to go through this.

  37. Sandra

    I gave my 26-kilo dog a few pieces of these treats today and he got diarrhea and a lot of mucus in his stool. Nothing else was unusual in his diet and now that I read the reviews, I wonder why TJs hasn’t pulled these off the shelves. I would love a direct response from them on why they stand behind the quality of this product.

  38. Tarable

    I think a class action lawsuit for all the vet bills. For those who took dog to vet, what antibiotics or other things did vet tell you to do?

  39. Harriet Ammann

    Gave our 60 lb dog a half piece of the salmon jerky and she had diarrhea about 5 hours later. First time for this treat. No problem with other TJ dog treats but this one triggered diarrhea. Fingers crossed that she doesn’t require a trip to the vet. I won’t buy new types of treats again without checking the reviews first!

  40. Laura

    I think this gave my 7 year old pit/staffy a seizure. He’s never had a seizure before and I think this crap is dangerous with dog prone to good allergies.

  41. Susan Keating

    WHAT THE HELL?!?! We have given a few pieces of the salmon and sweet potato treats to our puppy and she now has bad diarrhea. Of course we trusted TJs, but now that I’ve read dozens of horrifying reviews, I’m mortified and flummoxed as to how they can possibly keep selling these! If anything happens to our baby, you will hear from our attorney!

  42. Sharon

    I gave my 6mth old Puppy a few of these treats and within a day he was having mucous coated diarrhea non stop for almost two days straight. I took him to the vet and after a $800 bill with examine and lab tests nothing showed. I wish that Trader Joe’s would take these off the shelves. Too many people have complained of same problem.

  43. Angela

    These made my dog sick on 3 separate occasions. I have a shih-tu poodle mix and only have given him half a strip as a treat, and each time he has vomited profusely. These are going in the trash, similar to a lot of other reviewers. It’s a shame, I wanted to like these for me dog.

  44. Cammie

    I wish I’d read these reviews sooner. I’ve been giving my dogs the salmon & sweet potato treats & wondered why they were getting sick with bad diarrhea so often. I’m trying to give them bland diet & hoping it clears up in a couple days. I’m throwing out & won’t purchase again. TJ’s look at how many dogs are getting sick from this bad product!! Please discontinue them.

  45. Michael

    Same problem with our Pomeranian as many of the reviews above. We buy all of our dog food and treats from a holistic pet store, and have never had an issue. We made the mistake of buying the Salmon Jerky at Trader Joe’s and our dog was violently ill within hours of eating it. Bloody diarrhea and vomiting all night and into the next morning. We were out of town, so didn’t take to him the vet, and he seemed to get better by the next day. Two months later and we just had routine blood work done prior to teeth cleaning, and discovered our dog has liver damage. Over $600 in vet bills so far. After blood tests and an ultrasound, the vet prescribed Denamarin 90 mg for small dogs. It’s expensive at $44 for a 30-day supply, but you can get it without a prescription on Amazon for $25. From the reviews of this supplement, it has worked wonders for many pets with liver damage and I’m hoping it will do the same for us. We also got an antibiotic that has to be administered for 2 weeks to get rid of any residual infection, and a 3rd medication that is being shipped from the vet tomorrow (can’t remember the name of it). By process of elimination, we had pretty much decided that it had to be the Salmon Jerky, but reading these reviews confirmed it for us today. I’m thankful to know what caused our dog so much agony, but so sorry to read of others dealing with the same issue. It’s heartbreaking when you do everything you can to keep your pet healthy. The vet said to read the labels on EVERYTHING and if it isn’t made in the USA, don’t buy it. We love Trader Joe’s, but it does seem odd that the label does not state where the Salmon Jerky is made. With this many bad reviews, this product should be removed from their stores.

  46. td Bryan

    My dog got terrible nasty diarrhea after eating salmon dog treats from Trader Joes. She had diarrhea all over my bedroom and I do not even know how I can clean it up. She is so sick.

  47. RM

    I would give these 1 star if I had the same experience as some other reviewers. We have miniature schauzers and they go absolutely bonkers for these. However, it appears they have altered the recipe or how they are made. They are no longer orange and slightly crunchy but a very dark brown and soft.

  48. Talia

    I gave my dog half of a piece of these, for 2 days in a row, and on the 2nd day (so one full treat total) she had uncontrollable diarrhea every 2 hours, and threw up about 6 times. She was so sick I had to take her to the vet. She is a very healthy, 43 lb labradoodle and these treats made her very sick. I will never give these to her again, and please do not buy this product, especially if your dog has a sensitive stomach. I thought that maybe it having only 2 ingredients would be a good thing, but absolutely not. NEVER again, and not worth the $400 vet bill.

  49. AS

    Made my dog vomit!! Do not feed this to your dog!!!

  50. MC

    Do not buy these unless you enjoy picking up diarrhea. It’s that simple.

  51. Kristi

    I used to give these to my golden retriever as she is allergic to many things including glycerin. The consistency of these treats changed recently and I swear they now have glycerin in them even though the ingredients listed are salmon and salt. My dog has been getting sick after eating these. She never used to get sick from them but when the consistency changed she automatically vomits and has diarrhea. Do not buy these

  52. Kristi

    I used to give these to my golden retriever as she is allergic to many things including glycerin. The consistency of these treats changed recently and I swear they now have glycerin in them even though the ingredients listed are salmon and salt. My dog has been getting sick after eating these. She never used to get sick from them but when the consistency changed she automatically vomits and has diarrhea. Do not buy these

  53. Deb

    My poor dog has gotten diarrhea from these. Like Kristi above, I read the ingredients (salt/salmon) but I should have known there has to be some type of glycerin in them because of their consistency. My dog can’t handle glycerin. I should have researched these earlier. VERY BAD. Thought Trader Joe’s was a trusted name.

  54. Linda Baker

    Bought these yesterday and gave my 14 year old dog one on the am and 1 pm. She is a healthy senior but after feeding her the a jerky today she began hacking and making horrid coughing noises for over minutes, and gagging that I’ve never heard before. Checked to see if she was choking on something and noticed the sides of her tongue looked reddish. Do not feed your dog this treat. Calling her cat tomorrow.

  55. Jake

    These gave my dog severe diarrhea, FOR 36 HOURS! Just happened to be during a torrential rain storm so taking him out every 2 hours was a NIGHTMARE. What a mess! My poor dog, I think they should be pulled from the shelves.

  56. Michelle

    I’m kicking myself for not reading these reviews first! BEWARE, my 10lb pup only ate about a half of one of these total throughout the day and has been so sick ever since. She has zero appetite, loose stool, and her stomach is gurgling nonstop. It is obvious she feels terrible. Don’t make the same mistake I did!

  57. Penny

    My dog loves these BUT I’ve found very hard bones in them more than once. I only noticed the bones because a tear the strips thinly so they fit in a toy of hers. The bones are so thin and sharp that I can only imagine what they would do to her esophagus or GI system. I’ve seen what happens to people who swallow fish bones. My dog would never be able to tell me her pain or discomfort if that happened. The bag should come with a warning about the bones. We’ve stopped feeding her these and opted for something safer.

  58. Maya S.

    This is a poison! And TJ still sell this horrible treats! Two of my dogs who do not live in the same house have had severe stomach issues with two of the Tj salmon treats for dogs. If I could give minus 10 stars it would not be enough. These treats cause several stomach issue plus they cause fungus and bacterial infections in dogs as well. These treats have top be pulled from the market ASAP! Shame on Trader Joe’s for not reacting to such a bad reviews and pulling the products off the market.

  59. AEI

    Both of my dogs became very sick from a batch of these treats. Bloody diarrhea and vomiting severely. My dog who once loved these treats pushed them away and runs away from them now. They have a very strange smell to them, not like fish or food… toxic/chemical/plastic smell! Awful!

  60. Katie Murphy

    0 stars guys. I swear I’ve never had so much trouble from a dog treat. 2 days of giving my corgi half a strip for a goodbye treat, and by the 3rd day he started having diarrhea, the. bloody mucous diarrhea, then liquid diarrhea and vomiting. Spent the entire night up with him terrified but unable to afford emergency vet bills. He was lethargic for three days aftee that and able to hold down some rice and pumpkin, but still not feeling good. After reading all these reviews I definitely think these treats are the cause. TJs should remove these before someone’s dog dies!

  61. T

    My healthy lab/pit mix has been throwing up for 3 days after eating half of a treat. Please don’t buy these treats!

  62. Tania

    We gave our poodle a very little piece of this salmon treat and for the next 3 days she had extreme diarrhea and was peeing so much. The vet said she was severely dehydrated and couldn’t hold water inside of her. She was a healthy energetic dog before taking these treats.

  63. Maria

    My Morkie had severe bloody diarrhea for days after eating these Salmon Jerky treats. Even after taking medication the bloody stools continued for a week. These treats are dangerous and should be removed from Trader Joe’s shelves.

  64. Anonymous

    Garbage treats. Both my 10 month old puppy and 14 year old dog became violently ill – vomiting, diarrhea after one half a strip for each. I’ve never seen my senior dog have such a reaction to a treat. Both dogs had to go to urgent care and tested negative for parasites, etc. multiple times. Shocked to see so many other similar issues in the comments. Poor dogs!

  65. Brian

    0 STARS! I agree with all the negative reviews on here about making dogs SICK!! I was dog sitting and decided to get these as they were only two simple ingredients… BIGGEST mistake. Ended making the dog have BLOODY diarrhea for two days and vomit for one. Spent over $1400 at the ED. Returned them and spoke with the store manager about taking these off the shelves! I support TJ’s but this item is DOG POISON!

  66. james wills

    my cocker spaniel loves these and goes crazy!! first ingredient salmon from Scotland what’s there not to love!! Thank you TJ

  67. Tim Barrah

    Amazing no bag stuff all Salmon and Sweetpotatoe ! my lab goes bonkers for these all natural bites from Salmon !the Smoked chicken is amazing also thank you

  68. Ann

    Dog loved them, but terrible diarrhea.

  69. Carmen

    My 16 ½ year old Chihuahua loves these and I think they are actually good for his problem tummy. He’s allergic to chicken and beef so I’m always looking for treats he can eat and that he likes. Though he’s a very picky eater he goes ape for the Salmon Jerky treats. I use them as bait to sneak in his CoQ10 fish oils.

  70. Michael

    After reading all these review, I think it’s high time TJ’s needs to put on their adult pants and disclose the country of origin, along with additional ingredients – if any. The sample of similar bad reviews can’t be a coincidence. This is usable data!

  71. Lyn

    Healthy dog got hyposthenuria after having these treats. 1/2 a treat a day for a few weeks- now she’s having kidney issues. Praying I discovered this in time. So upset at this, what I thought was a healthy treat.

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