Trader Joe’s Smoked Chicken Tenders Dog Treats Reviews

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10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Smoked Chicken Tenders Dog Treats Reviews

  1. lojam

    Great dog treats, my dog loves them.

  2. Tumaini

    My aging and medically fragile dog stopped eating everything BUT these treats a couple months ago, so I highly recommend if your pup is a picky eater! Obviously not recommended as a full diet but when it’s the only thing they’ll eat it’s a life saver!

  3. Sam Granger

    My lab Sam lives thes also as wella. Sthe Salmon jerky. Amazing value!!

  4. jodi

    My dog is ADDICTED to them. I have to buy them by the carton 🙂

  5. Paula

    These treats are so tough to chew. I have had to use pliers to pull the tenders into smaller sections to so my dog will not swallow large pieces. Plus, there is no origin of the chicken stated on the packaging. If it was the US, it would say. So I am thinking this chicken could be from China. I’ll be buying from another source until I know where it is from.

  6. Monica

    I used to give these treats to my little terrier for the longest time. Now these treats have become like stones and they make my dog’s stool soft and tinted red. She still loves them, but I think they are too risky for her health. I plan to no longer purchase them.

  7. Marcy Jackson

    Nearly killed my dog. These so called tenders were so tough and sharp edged that my dog threw it up and choked to the point of blood and bile everywhere. He stopped breathing until I was able to do to dislodge it. Very scary. Tender is not a good description of this treat.

  8. Mark

    Yes, my dog loves them, BUT agree with Marcy Jackson’s assessment. The Vet told me anything this hard can cause dental fractures. They are also difficult for me to divide. Even though my dog loves them, they are simply too hard and thick. Hope Trader Joe’s makes them much thinner and then will purchase more.

  9. Pat

    My dog loved the smoked chicken jerky treats from Trader Joes but they ran out and added some other and my dog gotr very ill. It does not say where these treats are sourced so beware.

  10. Bert Enmen

    I think it’s an Offshoot from the TOBACCO INDUSTRIES…! I Can’t Stop I can’t Stop. ! my Dog is Also Addicted, Jodi ,hit the Nail9on the Head…I’m questioning the Craving he has for them , he has Turned Down EVERY Treat but THESE?? Hmmmm….ya gotta smoke Buddy….

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