Trader Joe’s Roasted Salted Sunflower Seeds In-Shell Reviews

(96 customer reviews)

96 reviews for Trader Joe’s Roasted Salted Sunflower Seeds In-Shell Reviews

  1. Josh

    These remind me of the big 90’s 7-11 brands I used to eat at baseball practice. Delicious!

  2. Ranj Artima

    AS a family, we always enjoyed having Trader Joe’s brand of sunflower seeds with the shell. Unfortunately, lately, we couldn’t find them in Saugus or Peabody branches of Trader Jowe’s.
    Getting Trader Joe’s brand of sunflower seeds was one of the main reasons why I & my family was shopping in Trader Joe’s.
    I hope Trader Joe’s will look into our request & provide their stores with Trader Joe’s brand of sunflower seeds.

  3. Nate

    The best sunflower seeds in the world

  4. Jay W

    Why would Trader Joe’s discontinue the most popular shelled SUNFLOWER seed! I’ve eaten these seeds for years and my local store could never keep them on the shelf because there were that popular. Please bring them back!.

  5. Ron D

    Not in stock at my local store nor a place for them on the shelf. Employee says discontinued. Say it’s not true!

  6. Joan

    These have been my favorite seeds, by far, for years. That’s why I shrieked when the TJ employee told me they’re discontinued. What?! Why would Trader Joe’s discontinue such a consistently popular product? Perhaps it’s due to the manufacturer, but please, if at all possible, BRING THEM BACK.

  7. Ms. Fitz

    It said me when I went into my local store and I was told that the sunflower seeds were discontinued. Me and my entire family have eaten them nonstop over the years we rushed to the store when we are out of them every week. When we’re on long trips, watching movies, at a football game better believe we are sneaking our sunflower seeds in with us! During a pandemic there were two things that I had to have the most from Trader Joe’s and that was my sunflower seeds that was part of my stockpile I even bought 20 bags in the beginning about 20 bags a few months later and so one we made sure we stay loaded with them and now after eating them all my life different brands I finally get to the one that I love the most that are big that are meaty that are fresh when the bags are vacuumed really good the flavor the roasted I know I’ll probably put it in The wrong order but truly they talked mini brands and I have been eating them since the age of four these were the best! There are many times that we buy different things at Trader Joe’s from potato chips to drinks to other food items and his face as we get into them and love them they’re gone. I pray that you guys bring back the sunflower seeds because the customers love them and it’s in demand

  8. Ms. Fitz

    It said me when I went into my local store and I was told that the sunflower seeds were discontinued. Me and my entire family have eaten them nonstop over the years we rushed to the store when we are out of them every week. When we’re on long trips, watching movies, at a football game better believe we are sneaking our sunflower seeds in with us! During a pandemic there were two things that I had to have the most from Trader Joe’s and that was my sunflower seeds that was part of my stockpile I even bought 20 bags in the beginning about 20 bags a few months later and so one we made sure we stay loaded with them and now after eating them all my life different brands I finally get to the one that I love the most that are big that are meaty that are fresh when the bags are vacuumed really good the flavor the roasted I know Said it in the wrong order but I’ve had many brands and I have since the age of four these were the best! BRING THEM BACK! The other item was Mango Jalapeño gummies. There are many times that we buy different things at Trader Joe’s from potato chips to drinks to other food items and his face as we get into them and love them they’re gone. I pray that you guys bring back the sunflower seeds because the customers love them and it’s in demand

  9. Jeanne Goodman

    Really hope you will reconsider this. These are the best sunflower seeds available! If anything make an unsalted version, too!

  10. Sally Diretriv

    Please bring back this sunflower seed with shell. I bought this product in the past every week when I went to TJ. Recently I couldn’t find them in TJ stores in Longisland NY for a month now. Please bring them back.

  11. Former TJ customer?

    Getting the sunflower seeds were the reason we shop for a lot of other items that we could get at our regular grocery store. So if the seeds are no longer available the trips to TJ’s will no longer be a routine. And the more I speak with people the more I realize we are not the only ones. I hope TJ’s stays in business but if not, we will know what lead to its demise.

  12. Mindy

    Please bring back these sunflower seeds!!!

  13. Richard

    I could go to my local conference store for seeds but I don’t I drive several miles across town to buy the best. Please bring them back

  14. Mia T.

    Why would TJ’s discontinue sunflower seeds in the shell OF ALL products to discontinue? WHAT WAS THE REASON? This is ridiculous. I used to eat D A V I D ‘s sunflower seeds until I discovered Trader Joe’s version. It was less salty and much better. I literally visited TD’s for this alone, buying 4-5 bags at one time because they would be sold out often. I was actually surprised so much people ate sunflower seeds.


  15. Bethesda Attorney

    My wife and I love these seeds more than any other we have tried. They genuinely are the main reason we have shopped at Trader Joe’s. I hope that the discontinuation is related to the shortage of sunflower seeds caused by current global conditions and that TJ’s brings them back.

  16. Steve L.

    BRING BACK THE SUNFLOWER SEEDS!! Obviously I’m not the only one disappointed that these were discontinued. I made the trip over to Trader Joe’s many times solely to purchase 5+ bags of the seeds. Please reconsider.

  17. Paul

    I cannot believe that TJs would discontinue one of the most popular items!! I have consistently made trips to Trader Joe’s over the years to make sure my family and I have these sunflower seeds in stock. It is the main reason we take the trip.
    No need for weekly trips anymore, so disappointing.

  18. g Mindt

    They weren/t expensive, we would stop and get a bag or two on a monthlh basis,,,,,and the last time we walked out with 2 bags of seeds and $34 in wine. no need to stop and get seeds anymore.

  19. Ms. Cynthia

    Bring them back!!! I was disappointed when I went into our local Trader Joe’s to restock on sunflower seeds and was told they were discontinued…WHY??? Great tasting seeds you can’t get anywhere else!

  20. Krystal

    I love the TJ sunflower seeds and it was the only reason I would do there was to pick up 5 bags. I had went to 2 different TJ just to find out they was out of stock. But now I see everyone wrote it been discontinued. This is very disappointing and will make not go to trader Joe as often because the main reason was the sunflower seeds. I can’t even eat David’s seeds bc it taste terrible to me know after eating TJ.

  21. Mary

    Please bring them back. My husband I have been looking for them and was recently told by an employee that they are discontinued. This was the main reason we went to trader joes.

  22. Marlene

    WHY WHY WHY did Trader Joe’s discontinue these seeds? Is it possible they will be bringing them back at an increased price? The demand is there but not the supply. PLEASE bring them back soon!

  23. Marla

    Please bring back TJ’s shelled sunflower seeds! They were my main reason for going there and they taste so good. Others can’t compare.

  24. Leah T.

    I’ve been an avid sunflower seed eater since I was a kid. Having tried many many brands, TJ’s were my absolute favorite! So fresh, perfectly roasted and not too salty. Plus you can’t beat that .99¢ price point for that size bag. I’m soooo annoyed to find out they’ve discontinued them. HOW?!!! WHY?!!!! They’re the best! Please reconsider this decision and bring them back ASAP!

  25. Ernie Flores

    DISCONTINUED???? This is the ONLY reason I go to trader joes. And when I’m in here I buy a couple of other items. I would not specifically go there for anything else except the sunflower seeds and then I “compulse” buy other items. NO SEEDS! NO ME! Great decision trader joes

  26. Madi

    Please bring sunflower seeds back to shelf .

  27. Sarina

    So good, please bring them back. The sunflower seed community needs them!!!

  28. Seed Lover

    Adding another voice to the choir to beg the Powers That Be at TJs to bring back the sunflower seeds in the shell! We implore you!

  29. T’Mika

    These sunflower seeds are indeed the best. I’ve been eating seeds for over 30 years and I’d finally found this one- which was satisfying in every way. I’d buy at least 10-15 bags at a time. I’m hoping that Trader Joe’s will bring them back for all of us who loved them so!

  30. Steve

    I’ve eaten shelled sunflower seeds since I played baseball as a kid (50 years ago). When I found Trader Joe’s shelled seeds many years ago, I never bought any other brand. They are the best on the market! If Trader Joe’s doesn’t bring them back, maybe they will tell us who there supplier was so we can purchase them elsewhere.

  31. Janet

    We are mourning over the loss of our beloved sunflower seeds in the shell. They’re the best, and we miss them!

  32. Jean

    PLEASE bring the sunflower seeds back!!! I need them

  33. Jade

    So unbelievably disappointed these have been discontinued. I have been searching for their manufacturer but seems they were made exclusively for TJs as per their packaging. I will avail in finding this farm/distributor!!!

  34. Gina

    MY FAVORITE SNACK IS DISCONTINUED!!! I drive 30 miles to TJs just to stock up on sunflower seeds and few other items. Say it ain’t so! Please bring them back or let us know where we can get them from. Thank you!

  35. Anthony Montgomery

    These were the best sunflower seeds I have ever had. Please bring them back

  36. David from Lincoln, Nebraska

    I’d like to join the bandwagon, and urge you to reconsider discontinuing your in-shell sunflower seeds. These have reliably been some of the best sunflower seeds ever, and my sunflower seed of choice for the last 10+ years. It seems obvious from the outpouring on this thread that I am not alone in this respect. Please, please, please reconsider – these clearly have a strong following, and I’m a part of that fanclub. Thanks for taking the time to listen.

  37. Dane Slinkard

    Lifelong sunflower seed eater and I cannot believe that I found out you discontinued your sunflower seeds in the shell. I am joining the other faithful Shoppers here in begging you to please reconsider if at all possible. It truly was the reason that I shopped at TJ’s. Of course I bought other things but my main objective was always those sunflower seeds.

  38. Ms. Fitz

    I have not made frequent shopping visits to TJ’s since they discontinued the in shell sunflower seeds. My family and I are so disappointed. Please bring them BACK! Listen to your customers.

  39. Monica

    Past two trips to TJs and not finding the in the shell sunflower seeds forced me to google it and find out here that it was discontinued. It was the reason I would make trips to TJs frequently, while also buying other items. I don’t understand why they have been discontinued – they were a favorite. Please reconsider!

  40. dee

    please bring theses back! will pay more for them!!!!!

  41. Alvaro C

    Discontinuing the best product in the store may be a deal breaker for me. Sorry TJs

  42. Anonymous

    We too are very disappointed that the Sunflower seeds were discontinued we have not been back to Trader Joe’s since we found out. Very disappointed customer

  43. Rudy

    Please, please, pretty please, bring these back. They are one of the main reason I go out of my way to go to TJs Hate to admit it but I think I’m an attic.

  44. Christina

    Apparently, I’ve found my people!! I need these sunflower seeds back. No one else compares..

  45. Faye

    I love the trader joes sunflower seeds and it makes me kept going to trader joe because no other stores carry delicious sunflower seeds like this, those sunflower seed with shell makes me relaxing and put me at ease, please bring them back.

  46. Dee

    Please bring back the sunflower seeds. Nothing like them exist. Have not been to trader joe’s since they told me they do not sell them anymore.

  47. Angie G

    Please bring them back! Is there someplace else we can buy them? Amazon? I will probably not shop at Trader Joe’s anymore. No reason to.

  48. Julissa

    The best. Hope they bring them back.

  49. James

    when my friend introduce me to TJ Sunflower seeds. I was like, DAMN!!! THESE SEEDS ARE THE BOMB!! They were perfect for the Padre games, road trips, and especially at work. I have been to every TJ in my City hoping one of these stores had one more bag. My name is James, and I’m an addict for these Damn Seeds.

  50. Dave

    I lived in Nicaragua for 13 years, and whenever I visited the states I would load up an entire suitcase if TJ’s sunflower seeds to take back with me. Customs in Nicaragua always thought I was crazy.
    Why would you discontinue this product? Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Big Let Down

    Why did they discontinue Sunflower Seeds? So many people shopped there just for their SF seeds so popular they couldn’t keep up with demand often they were out of stock . Ukraine was a top exporter of sunflower seeds, 11th in the world, did they anticipate a decrease in supplies? Please find a new supplier and bring back SF shell-in seeds…please.

  52. I need the seeds

    I LOVE TJ’s sunflower seeds! They absolutely w/o a doubt the best. Please, please, please bring them back

  53. JJ

    very disappointing. Main reason I go to Trader Joes is to get sunflower seeds. Guess I will shop elsewhere.

  54. m

    bring these back !!!!!

  55. m!

    I would like to know why the sunflowers seeds with shell were discontinued.. these are the best seeds I’ve ever tasted I’m so disappointed that these seeds were discontinued. I’ve been a loyal trader joes customers for years. BRING THESE BACK!!!

  56. MJ

    PLEASE BRING BACK THESE SEEDS. I have spent up to $10 on a pound of what I thought would be the closest to TJ’s seeds and have been very much let down with every new purchase of seeds. From those of us with anxiety, ex-smokers, vegetarians, etc. Please, bring them back!

  57. Anonymous

    I loved these sunflower seeds. It was a great product and also great price. I hope they bring them back.

  58. Phil

    Please bring these back! These seeds were the primary reason I even went to TJs. I haven’t shopped there since they were discontinued.

  59. VS

    Please Please Please Please bring back the roasted-salted-seeds in-shell! Why oh why would something this popular be discontinued. Please bring them back! These are the only sunflower seeds I have eaten for over 20 years! Why?! Because they are the best! No, they are perfect!

  60. Mec

    We live for these seeds why are they gone 🙁 best sunflower seeds and i’ve tried so many brands

  61. Mec

    Bring these back!

  62. Ryan Badger

    These were my fave too and soooo disappointed they are discontinued. PLEASE bring them back!!

  63. Sad Former Seeder

    I spent 13 years buying these in bulk and eating them every single day, it was a crisis when I’d be getting low and I can’t begin to estimate the thousands I spent on other groceries I purchased here specifically because I was coming for the seeds. Now that they’re gone, it’s just not worth it, the few other TJ specific items I’d pick up aren’t worth the lack of variety that other stores give you, so I just stick to those now.

  64. Rachquel Nesbit

    I need my TJ Sunflower Seeds!!! Please Please Please bring them back. When I travel to different states I get them so I can survive, please don’t let these guys be gone forever!!!

  65. Need by TJ Seeds

    PLEASE BRING THESE BACK!!! I have been a sunflower seed addict for the last 32 years. These were BY FAR the best seeds on the market. Please please please please bring them back.

  66. Terry

    Discontinued. I am sad. I literally don’t stop at TJ’s as often now, because the $0.99 sunflower shells was a major excuse to shop there.

  67. Antoinette Calhoun

    This is killing me and my family. Trader joes sunflower seeds in the shell are the best, thats why I started shopping trader joes in the first place. I’ve heard that you discontinued them because of the war in Ukraine. But if thats the case then why do you have the seeds? Trader Joe’s sunflower seeds are the best in the world! Please bring them back, this was our way of calming our nerves after a long day and week of work. Also there’s the other problem, you took away the red wind vinegette salad dressing, please bring it back. I’m tired of all these changes, you keep taking away great products.

  68. Barbara

    Hey TJ, we are so unhappy about your recent decision to discontinue the best sunflower seeds on this planet..we need them!!
    Please provide an explanation, so we can all stop guessing..better yet, bring them back!!
    At $1.00 per bag, they seemed to be a very successful ‘Loss Leader’, since we all regularly stocked up on them, and bought many unplanned products while in your store!!
    Please, bring them back ASAP..raise the price, if you must..but, listen to your customers and bring them back!!

  69. Ronnie

    Has anyone found seeds that closely resemble the TJ shelled sunflower seeds? I have tried but so far so no other seeds come close to TJ.

  70. PNicolas

    Went to TJ yesterday and just found out the seeds were discontinued. These were the best seeds I’ve ever had and I can’t understand why TJ would pull such a popular product. Please bring them back.

  71. trei henri

    Please bring back your sunflower seeds in shell. I would buy other items at TJ’s but this was the destination product. I can get eggs other places. I no longer have a specific reason to visit TJ’s if you don’t bring these back.

  72. Jsmith

    Please bring back!!!!

  73. kmendoz

    Please! Please! PLEASE! Bring the seeds back. No other compares to TJ’s sunflower seeds. These were the best!

  74. Ken

    TJ, you obviously do not know about sunflower seed addiction. I’ve been eating them since I was 8. I am now 63. I stopped for about 2 years because of the salt intake until I found yours. Yours have salt, but it was tolerable. I would go so far as to rinse the salt off of the other brands but the process was too long. Now, Watching late night movies is uncomfortable, watching sports is boring, etc. It’s a real addiction but besides the salt, the seed is healthy. It’s better than destructive addictions, such as cigs, alchohol, chips,, etc. Raise the price, limit the amount, what ever, just bring them back and fire the buyer that discontinued them. Just kidding.

  75. Jess S.

    Please bring back!!!!! These are the best. I don’t understand this. I loved the $1 a bag price but I will pay $2. Please consider bringing these back.

  76. Former Customer

    These seeds were the reason I would go to TJs in the first place. There are so many other ways to get groceries now so why bother going to a place that no longer carries what I want to buy?

    TJs, you just lost a loyal customer.

  77. Cynthia Greene

    I really need my sunflower seeds please bring them back. Im having an TJ sunflower seed withdrawal

  78. Layton James

    These are my favorite sunflower seeds. Please bring these back. They are roasted and salted to perfection. They only sunflower seeds worth snacking on. Bring it back to Trader Joe’s

  79. Jim rourke

    Trader Joe’s management, You need to bring the sunflower seeds back asap. They bring joy, low on calories as a snack, and very cheap.
    Let’s go traders . Bring back the sunflower seeds

  80. Lilly Zavala

    WHY, why did you discontinue the main reason I went into your store, those are the main attraction for so many people I know.. yes, we would by other items while in there, but not anymore I gladly drove 20 minutes out of my way just to get my sunflower seed fix. Bring them back and we’ll come back…

  81. Dodo

    Are these ever coming back? I don’t go to TJ’s nearly as often now, they were the only truly non-fungible item on my list.

  82. Vicki Gardin

    These have been my go to for YEARS! Why would they be discontinued!?!

  83. KillaChlove


  84. VWG

    Only sunflower seeds I’ve eaten for YEARS. I can’t find any that even compare 🙁

  85. Alvaro C


  86. Valerie V.

    I love these sunflower seeds. I’ve tried many brands throughout my entire life and these are the best. Rarely did I get a stale bag. I’m sooo disappointed that Trader Joe’s discontinued them. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!

  87. Veronica M

    Don’t go to TJ’s nearly as often without the sunflower seeds.

  88. Patty Scott

    I was close to tears when TJ’s discontinued my Jasmine green tea, but I am still in shock over the in shell sunflower seeds. I tried every other brand and nothing comes close. Everytime I go to TJ’s the first thing I do is check to see if the seeds came back. Not yet, but I will never give up!!!! Best seeds ever!!!

  89. Spy Balloon

    The best seeds ever, bring them back!

  90. Anonymous

    PLEASE BRING THEM BACK… David’s which was the most popular could not compete with TJ sunflower seeds. I have eaten seeds my entire life. The last time went into the store my lady purchased an entire shopping bag. The lady at cash register thought she had a bird since she purchased so many… PLEASE BRING THEM BACK. I NEED THEM in my life!!! I’m depressed

  91. Jim

    Bring the seed back, or at least tell who made them so we can buy direct

  92. Diana

    Please don’t take our seeds away!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Anonymous

    I can’t believe my favorite sunflower seeds are really discontinued. Trader Joe’s please bring these back!!!!

  94. Evan

    These were the reason I went to TJ, and always found a few other things to try and buy. I thought this was a temporary discontinuation, but apparently not. If you can sell SHELLED seeds (uhg), skip a step and sell them in-shell!! My gosh I can’t believe they would discontinue something that so many people loved. Raise the price if needed, $1/bag was a steal. I’d pay double if necessary.

  95. Fiona

    I’m so glad that there’s a whole community missing these seeds. I thought I was the only one lol I’ve tried so many brands and nothing compares to the TJ ones. They remind me of my childhood in Europe. Please please bring them

  96. Anonymous

    So is this coming back to TJ ever? I just can’t find anything as good as these.

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