Trader Joe’s Roasted & Unsalted Sunflower Seeds Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Roasted & Unsalted Sunflower Seeds Reviews

  1. Horsebytes

    These are the best sunflower seeds I’ve ever tasted! So fresh! Also, they are priced right!

  2. Anonymous

    Good seeds, its nice to find “unsalted”.

  3. RO


  4. AD

    I picked up a bag of some roasted and unsalted sunflower seeds this past weekend at my local TJs. I got a bad bag or batch of them . They are from batch 21 323 J21 22:13 with a best by date of 19 May 22. They have a burnt taste to them. I’ll see if the birds will eat them and if not, will be throwing them away. I queried reviews on internet since tasting the bad seeds and there have been similar complaints over the years for this product on Amazon. Not sure if this is a quality control problem with the TJ’s source of these sunflower seeds or not but I will be a little wary of purchasing more in the future. I had previously had good experiences.

  5. Lada

    Horrible. I have bought the raw sunflower yesterday. I woke up having a BITTER AFTERTASTE and stomach hurt!!! It is mean that all seeds went through the chemical treatment. DO NOT BUY IT!!!

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