Trader Joe’s Plain Cottage Cheese Reviews

(5 customer reviews)

Small curd, 4% milkfat minimum.


5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Plain Cottage Cheese Reviews

  1. Rachel

    Best cottage ever!!!! High protein, perfect density, I eat it daily, eat it plain after a workout with a cucumber, delicious!!!

  2. Megan

    This is the BEST Cottage Cheese out there. My problem is that my store has not had it in stock for the past 6 weeks? Is there a shortage? Have they discontinued?

  3. Jim

    The worst cottage cheese on the market. Very dry. No taste. Threw it out after one taste. Daisy is much better.

  4. Em

    Much better than my old brand of cottage cheese, this is my new favorite. Taste is great & so is texture. I’m really picky with my cottage cheese. So far I like this one with jalapeño crisps or black pepper.

  5. Paul

    slimy, tasteless.

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