Trader Joe’s Fat Free Cottage Cheese Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Fat Free Cottage Cheese Reviews

  1. barbara r marcus

    tasteless, no “feel” no tang. Buy only when I am desperate. I suggest Nancy’s cottage cheese for real quality.

  2. Paula Kaiser

    It’s the only cottage cheese that I enjoy. I go out of my way to stock up on this product from Trader Joe’s. I describe it as being “slippery” but that doesn’t necessarily sound appealing. I normally find cottage cheese to be too thick.

  3. Kuguru

    Pretty good. Worked for me during my Weight Watcher days.

  4. Yums

    This is perfectly good nonfat cottage cheese. It was on my regular shopping list. It seems to have been discontinued, much to my dismay. Now all they sell is the organic nonfat, for an inflated price. It is watery and full of an absurd amount of whey. Boo!

  5. Anonymous

    Trader Joe’s non-organic, non-fat cottage cheese was one of the few acceptable non-fat cottage cheeses on the market. A real shame they discontinued it.

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