Trader Joe’s Peanuts in a Pickle Reviews

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Dill pickle flavored virginia peanuts.

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14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Peanuts in a Pickle Reviews

  1. CJ

    Let me preface my comments with the fact that normally, I enjoy all things Trader Joes, but not this. I tried these on a whim today because I love both pickles and peanuts. It was a horrible mistake. I had three little peanuts and they were incredibly musty… tasted like kissing someone who hadn’t brushed their teeth in a week. It was like licking the floor of an abandoned single-wide. They tasted like sucking on a musty sponge that had been sitting on the kitchen sink for days… like sucking on a salmonella colony. Just no. I’m sorry Trader Joes but… it’s a no for me.

  2. Ed

    CJ is 100% right. I thought I was eating poison.

  3. Alex

    Agree with CJ and Ed. I was traumatized by these, they couldn’t have been worse and it was impossible to get the rancid flavor out of my mouth. How did these make it to shelves?!

  4. Tam

    The smell is atrocious – they’re fine if you hold your nose.

  5. Jill

    Horrible, dry and not tasty at all. I do not recommend at all!

  6. Edubs

    So it’s not just me with a bad bag then. I love everything dill pickle but this was just wrong. Didn’t taste like pickles at all. Just a dirty bag of funky stale peanuts. Another reviewer (CJ) said it was like eating a musty sponge and that is pretty accurate. Will toss and patiently wait for the pickle popcorn and humus to come back.

  7. Rick

    I loved these. They have a great pickle taste that isn’t too strong I absolutely love the fact that my fingers aren’t covered by powder from eating these. Rather than a coating, the pickle flavor is infused into the peanuts. I need to know how this is done because the nearest Trader Joe’s is an hour away and I want to make my own.

  8. Nia

    If I could give these zero stars I would. Hands down the worst thing I’ve eaten at Trader Joe’s. Hours after I had two peanuts my eyes are still watering from the trauma.

  9. Erin

    This peanuts are so disappointing, they taste NOTHING like pickles. I will have to add my own pickle seasoning to even be able to eat the bag. I would give a 0 if I could.

  10. Kristen

    I legitimately thought some weird chemicals got into my bag. The sucking on a sponge thing is right on, even maybe like licking the bottom of a boat that is floating in a lake with “do not swim” signs. I wanted to love these SO much. I love all their pickle stuff, but whatever they combined in the bag at the lab didn’t make it to the shelves in the same condition. BLECH.

  11. AEP

    I found this site because I googled Peanuts in a Pickle to see if I had a bad bag. Worst tasting things ever- no sign of peanuts or pickles, just chemicals.

  12. Jim H

    Tastes like a tonsil stone

  13. Jodi

    I love these!!! Reading the other reviews is funny because as far as I am concerned, these peanuts are terrific!!!

  14. Step

    Did anyone even test/try these before putting them on the shelves? Horrible, leaves a chemical taste in your mouth. Never buying again.

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