Trader Joe’s Peanuts in a Pickle Reviews

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Dill pickle flavored virginia peanuts.

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48 reviews for Trader Joe’s Peanuts in a Pickle Reviews

  1. CJ

    Let me preface my comments with the fact that normally, I enjoy all things Trader Joes, but not this. I tried these on a whim today because I love both pickles and peanuts. It was a horrible mistake. I had three little peanuts and they were incredibly musty… tasted like kissing someone who hadn’t brushed their teeth in a week. It was like licking the floor of an abandoned single-wide. They tasted like sucking on a musty sponge that had been sitting on the kitchen sink for days… like sucking on a salmonella colony. Just no. I’m sorry Trader Joes but… it’s a no for me.

  2. Ed

    CJ is 100% right. I thought I was eating poison.

  3. Alex

    Agree with CJ and Ed. I was traumatized by these, they couldn’t have been worse and it was impossible to get the rancid flavor out of my mouth. How did these make it to shelves?!

  4. Tam

    The smell is atrocious – they’re fine if you hold your nose.

  5. Jill

    Horrible, dry and not tasty at all. I do not recommend at all!

  6. Edubs

    So it’s not just me with a bad bag then. I love everything dill pickle but this was just wrong. Didn’t taste like pickles at all. Just a dirty bag of funky stale peanuts. Another reviewer (CJ) said it was like eating a musty sponge and that is pretty accurate. Will toss and patiently wait for the pickle popcorn and humus to come back.

  7. Rick

    I loved these. They have a great pickle taste that isn’t too strong I absolutely love the fact that my fingers aren’t covered by powder from eating these. Rather than a coating, the pickle flavor is infused into the peanuts. I need to know how this is done because the nearest Trader Joe’s is an hour away and I want to make my own.

  8. Nia

    If I could give these zero stars I would. Hands down the worst thing I’ve eaten at Trader Joe’s. Hours after I had two peanuts my eyes are still watering from the trauma.

  9. Erin

    This peanuts are so disappointing, they taste NOTHING like pickles. I will have to add my own pickle seasoning to even be able to eat the bag. I would give a 0 if I could.

  10. Kristen

    I legitimately thought some weird chemicals got into my bag. The sucking on a sponge thing is right on, even maybe like licking the bottom of a boat that is floating in a lake with “do not swim” signs. I wanted to love these SO much. I love all their pickle stuff, but whatever they combined in the bag at the lab didn’t make it to the shelves in the same condition. BLECH.

  11. AEP

    I found this site because I googled Peanuts in a Pickle to see if I had a bad bag. Worst tasting things ever- no sign of peanuts or pickles, just chemicals.

  12. Jim H

    Tastes like a tonsil stone

  13. Jodi

    I love these!!! Reading the other reviews is funny because as far as I am concerned, these peanuts are terrific!!!

  14. Step

    Did anyone even test/try these before putting them on the shelves? Horrible, leaves a chemical taste in your mouth. Never buying again.

  15. Kayla Lands

    Best peanuts ever! I can’t get enough absolutely delicious!

  16. Tom

    I thought someone had taken months old peanuts left on a dirty floor and mixed them with toe jam. Hands down the worst thing I have ever tasted. It’s almost hilarious how bad these are; they’re unfathomably bad.

  17. Ellen

    Lol to some of these reviews. 4 stars because I really did like these but not everyone in my household who tasted could get behind the pickled flavor aspect which is maybe just taste idk. I’m a big pickle fan though and generally love all of TJs pickled items. Also was impressed at how healthy they are for a flavored nut product (lol not a chemical vibe and no chemicals in ingredients but can’t speak to others taste buds I guess ..). Perfect for a gym / health conscious person looking for some protein and not afraid of a wild flavor!

  18. lexi

    Y’all are Wack! I don’t know why Trader Joe thinks everything needs to taste like a pickle, but I thought these were great and not what I expected at all. The flavor brings the bad peanut aftertaste that lingers in my mouth down to a 0 and almost like I am eating a ranch dip snack. You people are all probably the cilantro tasters of the world and just mad cuz you can’t eat tacos and you ruin flavors for everyone. @Tom, you need to stop eating toe jam, that’s nasty, also I think I hear myspace calling to tell you all your friends are loving pickle peanuts.

  19. Emily

    Not sure about all these comments but I liked them. I love both pickles and peanuts and thought I would give them a try. It was just right on the dill taste. Definitely will get again.

  20. Kirby

    I think the calcium chloride make these taste like tums. Not a good taste when you’re expecting peanut and pickle flavors.

  21. Abby

    I feel so guilty every time I ring someone up for these. As someone who likes pickles, they’re vile! But don’t worry, TJ’s will always refund your purchase if you don’t like the taste 🙂

  22. Jimmy And Associate

    I love dill pickles. The lovely lady sitting next to me as I type this loves dill pickles. Trader Joe’s has a proven track record of good dill pickle flavored things. Popcorn, seasonings, dill pickles themselves. Today that track record was broken.

    Upon arriving home from out Trader Joe’s run, we decided to try some of the new items we purchased. Chocolate Chip mini cones were delicious, albeit a tragedy occurred with me dropping most of them on the floor, thus losing out on future delicious mini-cones. Awhile after that we decided to try the peanuts in a pickle, of which I choose to purchase two packages of. I distinctly remember saying “Best case scenario they’re great and we have more, worst case they are bad and I’m out $5”. I didn’t expect the worst case scenario, but it was. It was worse.

    CJ’s review is pretty spot on, albeit to kind. I work with chemicals of varying degrees and the taste of these abominations is only what I can imagine a cocktail of those would taste like.

    More accurate yet; Imagine eating the decaying corpse of a possum, vomiting that up, spraying it with bleach and toilet bowl cleaner then soaking it in cat urine and “infusing” that into a peanut. What this flavor is not in anyway, is dill pickle flavored. Maybe it’s the “Virginia” peanut? If this is the kind of peanut produced in Virginia, we need to call for a public health risk and ban Virginia from ever creating peanuts for the good of all living creatures.

    So awful was the experience; we not only called Trader Joe’s to warn them of a potential health risk, but it inspired me to share my experience with the internet, because if any one person tries these thinking they will be anything short of rotten bodily fluid cocktail flavored, that is one person too many.

  23. Angie

    These taste like tonsil stones. This is likely the least appetizing thing i’ve ever eaten. The taste lingered in the back of my throat for what felt like hours

  24. Sydney

    I like pickles ok, but I have always liked pickle chips, so I figured i’d try peanuts and they did not disappoint! These are SO good, would definitely buy again!

  25. Julie

    HORRIBLE!!!!! I love everything pickle but not when it taste like a rusted battery that sat in 3 week old dirty mop water.

  26. Cara

    I love Trader Joe’s. I love pickles. I love peanuts. These things taste like they were soaked in cheap cleaning fluid. One of the worst things I’ve ever tasted. How could so many good things combine to become something so, so terrible? Scientists should investigate. I suspect it’s a problem with the multiverse

  27. Megan

    How did these make it to shelves? Our family likes various pickled things and I personally LOVE TJ’s pickled popcorn. I thought these would have a similar flavor but with a satisfying toasty peanut crunch. WRONG. The previous reviews about musty sponges make me glad it’s not just me. When I tried these I kept thinking they tasted like a dirty dishrag soaked in some kind of citrus cleaner. My 4yo hated them (he he adores pickles.) My 7yo who loves everthything from kombucha to sushi spit his out in the trash as he couldn’t bear to chew them. I have never before taken anything back to Trader Joe’s save for bottle deposit returns, but these are going back- especially given the current price of nuts.

  28. Chris

    Peanut review:

    I tried branding my own tongue with a red hot fireplace poker after the first bite to stave off the rotting taste and the impending sense of doom that followed, but alas this my have been my final and most consequential failure.

    In my defeat, I subscribed to Xbox Game Pass and quit my 6-figure job as a luxury resort secret shopper to run out my numbered days binging on mouth-numbing Flamin’ Hot branded corn snacks and Olde English 800 until the inevitable day of my passing. That day was nearly 3 weeks ago now. . .

  29. Anonymous

    To the people who hate these heavenly nuts – you weirdos – please keep hating. More for us. If you love dill and dill pickles specifically, you will love these. Bought one bag; ate entire bag; went back next day and got 3 more bags. Literal *perfection*

  30. Anonymous

    These are ASTONISHINGLY BAD. Like “how did this ever make it to shelves” bad. They taste like a rotten tooth. We love pickles and pickle-flavored snacks but we threw these away immediately. I have no idea how they managed to make peanuts taste this revolting.

  31. Matt P

    I was looking forward to these because I love TJ’s pickle flavor stuff – the chips, the salad, the popcorn – i can’t get enough. But with these penuts…. I can’t get enough…. distance between them and I. They tasted like a sick person’s booger, but with the lingering chewiness of a peanut. What have I done to deserve this taste in my mouth. Why, God?… why?

  32. Tim

    Like others here have said, I love anything dill, but these missed the mark by a mile. Even the family dog turned his nose at these peanuts and is now in the other room ignoring us. Tomorrow I’ll try to make it up by bringing him to the dog park and getting a Pup Cup.

  33. Dani

    I love pickles and peanuts, together they sound like a match made in heaven. These however are far from that. Tasted like dish soap to me, others in my household agree they are inedible. Such a disappointment.

  34. John Pickle

    I love these so much, don’t get the bad reviews at all. Super tasty like a pickle. I love that they are infused and not a flavor coating powder that is super messy.

  35. Anonymous

    I have never seen these at my TJs. Are they still being sold? Curious to taste if it is bad as the reviews.

  36. Jacob

    Tastes like airplane bathroom.

  37. Joe

    These peanuts are AMAZING.. i love peanuts and pickles and the combination of both together is BRILLIANT!

  38. ALGGT

    YUK. This is the first TJ product – ever – I have truly hated. I agree with others who’ve asked, How did these make it onto the shelf?!? Second question: do I need my receipt to get a refund? I have never asked for one before, but the time has most definitely come.

  39. Sarah

    Idk if I got a bad batch but the smell of these smelled stale and old right off the bat. The taste was worse. There is no expiration date on the package so I couldn’t figure out if they were expired. I assume they just taste bad by the reviews.

  40. KKG

    All these bad reviews are wild! I thought they were delicious and love not having snack residue all over my fingers.

  41. Madam Dilly McDillster

    I also found these reviews because they taste so chemical. We are all here because we are dill pickle “nuts” and heed all our advice and skip these. This will probably be the first time in years I return a food product to any store because of taste. I usually write it off as I just don’t like and it’s not for me and throw it away. Something is waayyyy off with these and someone at Trader Joe’s needs to take notice.

  42. Eric

    Very disappointed. This could potentially be a really good taste combination, but it’s really not. It tasted off. Like not right. Most foods I can get used to them after a couple of tastes, but these got worse every time I tried them. Big miss Trader Joe’s

  43. Mim

    Like many others I came looking if there was a recall or something because these were foul. Its like the bad taste you get in your mouth while getting iv fluids at the hospital. Im convinced the people in this thread who love them got a completely different batch from those who hate it.

  44. Kelley

    Do you like metallic bleach vomit? Maybe with a bit of a sour dill initial taste? But definitely followed up by the chlorine cleaned metal vom? A very lingering followup. It lasts and lasts. And lasts.
    These must have been developed by someone who lost all taste and sense of smell with a pandemic virus. Of the 5 who tried them, not one could swallow the bitter bleach bile. Zero stars

  45. Paul Forgey

    Dee’s nuts are the best! I cannot imagine how anyone that likes pickles and peanuts cannot like these. And now… TJ is discontinuing them because of a few (OK, maybe a lot) whiney b’s… I get it, you don’t like them, but many of us love them.

  46. Sara

    I’m not one to yuck someone’s yum but I have a hunch the 5 star reviews are from the group from TJ’s corporate who were responsible for putting this trash on the shelves and they’re trying to save themselves and their poor business decision. My family tried these and agreed … nasty. I thought they smelled/tasted like a grandmother’s old cheap fancy soap while others said it was giving barnyard. We love you TJs but you did us dirty on this one.

  47. Amanda

    I’m not sure where these one star reviews are coming from. You folks need to get your tastebuds checked. I’m an “all things pickled” afficianado and these peanuts did not disappoint. The pickle flavoring is very subtle, a nice change from a lot of sodium-packed snacks. I like the fact that these aren’t covered in seasoning. I was so sad to learn that they have been discontinued. Bring them back, please!

  48. Jessica

    Please bring them back

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