Trader Joe’s Popcorn in a Pickle Reviews

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12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Popcorn in a Pickle Reviews

  1. Lena

    This was surprisingly delicious! I do like pickles a lot, and of course I love popcorn, but I was a little unsure of how the combination would be. I ended up gulping this down by the mouthful! It really does taste like dill pickle popcorn – if you like pickles and popcorn, you’ll most likely enjoy this. I’ll be buying it again!

  2. Wes

    Echoing the other reviewer – I was surprised at how tasty this was. I could only eat so much at once before the dill taste felt a little overpowering, but it’s an awesome, unique snack to have around.

  3. melinda

    These are great I grabbed the last bag at tjs today,also bought their Brownie crisps in todays haul which were also great.trader joes keeps coming up with new items and I’m always eager to try most.

  4. Frenesi

    I am soooo sad, Trader Joes is no longer selling their Popcorn
    in a pickle. My sister brought me a bag, and I absolutely love
    it. I can eat half a bag in one sitting. I do love dill pickles though.
    I was not sure I would like this as Disneyland sells a Dill Pickle
    Popcorn but, I just don’t like it. Trader Joe’s tastes like dill
    pickles. It says it is a summer item so I am hoping that they will
    bring it back next summer. If they do I will be getting lots and
    storing it. I wouldn’t mind an even stronger dill pickle taste.

  5. Ron

    Loved the Pickle Popcorn but very disappointed that it is only being sold in the summer season. I guess people only eat popcorn in the summer….bring it back year around like all the other popcorn you sell!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous

    It’s BACK…I bought some yesterday. If you really love pickles, you will really love this stuff. I only LIKE pickles, so this is kind of a mixed bag for me . It tastes really good and pickley, but two handfuls and I’m done..which is great for portion control.

  7. Moosh

    I loved this unique and fun snack – I love pickles and popcorn, and this combination does not disappoint.

  8. LmL

    Addicted. Had this flavor in Canada and it finally reached the USA!! Whooooaaaa

  9. Cris

    Yuck disgusting. I love pickles as well as pickle potatoe chips omg. This popcorn was extremely dry, overly salty and has a weird aftertaste. I couldn’t eat more than a mouthful without downing a beverage. I couldn’t even eat the whole bag not even close.

  10. Minni Sota

    Please please PLEASE bring this delicious snack back! Thanks!

  11. Matt Herold

    This one does seem to be seasonal or availability is pretty random but I usually buy a bag whenever I see it. As others said it has a wonderful pickle taste that is not overpowering and a real joy to eat. I love this stuff. Top 3 picks for TJ popcorn. Other 2 would be the regular olive oil popcorn and the white cheddar. YUM!!

  12. KingOfBeacon

    Horrendous. Pre-popped popcorn is bad 99% of the time and this awful seasoning made it worse. Bottom 5 all-time TJ’s item and one of my very first items I ever had to return. What a waste of valuable shelf space….

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