Trader Joe’s Panama Boquete Small Lot Coffee Reviews

(3 customer reviews)

100% Arabica whole bean coffee, light-medium roast.


3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Panama Boquete Small Lot Coffee Reviews

  1. Crystal

    I love this coffee. I love the aroma. The creamy mild flavor. I am completely hooked and in love with this blend. Soooo Yummy. My all time favorite coffee ever

  2. Kimberly

    When I read “smooth and creamy” I was intrigued, but when it actually had a smooth and creamy taste i fell in love! It smells delicious from the moment you open the bag, the moment you grind the beans, when you brew it and when you pour it! I am in love with this coffee !! Please keep it in stock for always!

  3. Guillermina Woodward

    I love this coffee it doesn’t have the acid the mess up your stomach the best coffee I’ve been drinking it for 4 months now it doesn’t give me no acid reflux I’m searching for it now because Trader Joe’s it taken out of the stock

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