Trader Joe’s Medium Roast Single Serve Coffee Cups Reviews

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100% Arabica coffee – each box comes with seven individual coffee cup.

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14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Medium Roast Single Serve Coffee Cups Reviews

  1. Diana B

    These Trader Joe’s k cups are pretty decent for the price! I’m not a massive fan of k cups in general (they’re a bit on the weak side for my taste), but these ones hold up to the bigger brands and are MUCH cheaper (win!). If I still had a keurig in my office, I’d definitely be stocking up. If you’re into a very strong cup of coffee, these may not be for you.

  2. Noeule

    Trader Joe’s K Cups do not work well in one of my Keurig Classic brewer. It takes almost 2 minutes to get a half cup. The big box store brand cups barely work if you don’t mind a minute and a half to brew a medium cup. Keurig, my grocery brand and another name brand work well. I suspect the courseness of grind and processing make the difference.

    Trader Joe’s pods will brew in the Keurig Classic I have in my second home, although very slowly.

  3. Tony Lazar

    Great coffee, terrible packaging. (You can say that about a lot of products today). These K-Cups are NOT standard size – they are squatter, shorter and fatter than standard. The top cover is plastic – not foil – which tears in Keurig-brand machines and causes an eruption of coffee grounds all over the machine. The bottom is not enclosed but open mesh. Coffee grounds get past this system and settle in the bottom of your cup. Don’t drink that last gulp!

  4. Elaine Stant

    Tell me what I am doing wrong When I put my k -Kup in the machine they explode and what a mess it makes coffee every where can’t drink the coffee very little coffee in the cup very disappointed in the coffee

  5. CBB

    Does not work with Keurig, the grounds end up all over the place. Very disappointing…

  6. catherine Woolf

    works great in my kurig and tastes great too. the price is also great. Wish I had a Trader Joe’s near us.

  7. Anonymous

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the taste of Trader Joe’s coffee pods…. that is, once I can manage to get a cup that isn’t filled with grounds. Like many others I have a very hard time brewing a cup that doesn’t end up with grounds in it. And I am not talking about a few grounds. 3 out of every 4 cups is undrinkable. I so wish the packaging was better because I love the taste. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to buy more when I am throwing out so many cups of coffee.

  8. Shana


  9. PNW-Z

    Gotta agree with the others. The taste is great, the quality of the cup is almost negligent. Used someone’s expensive Keurig machine and the TJ’s cup leaked grounds everywhere, including inside the unit. I had to spend an HOUR cleaning it ended up cutting myself. Tully’s, Starbucks, Kirkland brand, Seattle’s Best all worked fine. Trader Joe’s french roast was slow, sometimes didn’t work and exploded twice. No thanks. I will get my money back.

  10. Steve

    Agree with all these comments. This product doesn’t seem to be very well designed for Keurig compatibility. The top tore and got coffee grounds all over – including in my cup – which made the coffee undrinkable. Anyone know if Trader Joe’s will take the box back even though it’s been opened and with one missing?

  11. Barry

    You have been warned — half of the pods don’t work!! The grounds are all over the machine and the cup.. the flavor isn’t anything special too… other places have authentic k kups that are not much more expensive when on sale.

  12. Jackie

    Messes up your Keurig coffee machine. Pods are unable to properly be pierced and coffee grounds explode and clog up your machine. Stay away! I have not found a solution for these pods yet. Will have to throw out.

  13. Liz

    Taste is weak and off putting. I haven’t had an issue with these cups and my kuerig like other users though, so maybe they’ve changed their packaging over time. They were 12 for $6 so I took a chance on them. However, I won’t be repurchasing.

  14. Mary N.

    I love the flavor of this coffee, works well in my Keurig. I put them in a very large mason jar to keep them fresh. The price is good. I was curious about whether they are a mold free, organic coffee? The packaging doesn’t say, so I’m assuming not. For the price point, and flavor, I am very happy with the product.

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