Trader Joe’s Medium Roast Single Serve Coffee Cups Reviews

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100% Arabica coffee – each box comes with seven individual coffee cup.

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Medium Roast Single Serve Coffee Cups Reviews

  1. Diana B

    These Trader Joe’s k cups are pretty decent for the price! I’m not a massive fan of k cups in general (they’re a bit on the weak side for my taste), but these ones hold up to the bigger brands and are MUCH cheaper (win!). If I still had a keurig in my office, I’d definitely be stocking up. If you’re into a very strong cup of coffee, these may not be for you.

  2. Noeule

    Trader Joe’s K Cups do not work well in one of my Keurig Classic brewer. It takes almost 2 minutes to get a half cup. The big box store brand cups barely work if you don’t mind a minute and a half to brew a medium cup. Keurig, my grocery brand and another name brand work well. I suspect the courseness of grind and processing make the difference.

    Trader Joe’s pods will brew in the Keurig Classic I have in my second home, although very slowly.

  3. Tony Lazar

    Great coffee, terrible packaging. (You can say that about a lot of products today). These K-Cups are NOT standard size – they are squatter, shorter and fatter than standard. The top cover is plastic – not foil – which tears in Keurig-brand machines and causes an eruption of coffee grounds all over the machine. The bottom is not enclosed but open mesh. Coffee grounds get past this system and settle in the bottom of your cup. Don’t drink that last gulp!

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