Trader Joe’s Honey Graham Crackers Reviews

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23 reviews for Trader Joe’s Honey Graham Crackers Reviews

  1. Janice

    I used to buy Keebler grahams, but the stores in my area stopped stocking them. Trader Joe’s honey graham crackers are just as good, if not better! My only complaint is that the nearest Trader Joes is 200 miles away. It would be nice to have a store in the Tri-Cities area.

  2. Bob Haifley

    I’ve been eating Graham crackers for over 65-years & Trader Joe’s Honey Graham Crackers are by far the best. They’ve discontinued them and replaced the with Graham Cracker Squares. I tried them and they were burnt, dry, & tasteless. Such a shame to replace a “Winner” with a dry, burnt, tasteless, loser. Their Honey Grahams I gave a 5-Star. The Graham Cracker Squares a “0”. We won’t be shopping at Trader Joe’s anymore. So sad after all these years. Who taste tests these?
    Terrible and many of my family & friends said the same thing, dry, burnt, & tasteless.

  3. Diane

    Totally agree with above review. “Old” version was best on the market—“new” version is terrible. Why the change? Bring back the old.

  4. Richard Kramer

    The new “Graham Squares” are horrible, dry, burnt and tasteless sums it up for me too. I will be returning the box I purchased and complaining to the regional manager.

  5. Sandra

    It was so discouraging to find that you changed your graham crackers. I prefer the old graham crackers to these new squares. Please bring the old version back.

  6. Robert

    Suares are dry and tasteless – please bring back the original graham crackers1

  7. PAUL

    Bring back the original graham crackers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The new graham squares aren’t worth buying.

  8. Allz Gardner

    Add me to the list. My 88 year-old mother absolutely lived for the PREVIOUS TJ’s graham crackers. The new “squares’ are terrible. Dry, hard to eat, gross. She can’t stand them, and neither can I. why would you do this, TJ? Must you re-do and change everything? there are some things that should just be staples, and left as their wonderful selves, the reason we bother going to Trader Joe’s, like GRAHAM CRACKERS. Why change a beloved staple? Ugh on the new version, and ugh on my elderly mother thinking I’m “trying to trick” her with the new gross version.

  9. Mo

    Never had the “old” but the box pictured is much better than I expected. Sweet, Crispy, a nice thickness. They’re my new go-to for a plain jane sweet. Great vehicle for coffee. Why is everyone complaining about a dry graham cracker… they’re supposed to be dry!

  10. Teresa

    I recently purchased Trader Joe’s graham cracker squares thinking they were the regular graham crackers I’ve always purchased there, which were the best graham crackers I’ve ever had. The new ones are the WORST I’ve ever eaten. They should call them overbaked, flavorless, hard little squares . YUCK! They really missed the mark on these. They’re going back to the store.

  11. Gail

    SO disappointed in these new squares. The old grahams were far superior, for snacking or baking. These new thick dry squares are a rare TJ’s FAIL. Yuck

  12. Allen Olson

    New squares are not good. Why? The honey Graham’s were delicious. I am sad. I don’t get it.

  13. Lisa

    I really miss the old graham crackers – they were the best!!! The new ones are hard and they don’t even soak up the milk when you dunk them. Booooooo

  14. Peter Krasilovsky

    The new ones are ok, but not a reason to go 18 miles to our local tjs. Why would you change something that was perfect? Is there a supply chain issue?

  15. R. Reilly

    The replacement graham crackers at Trader Joe’s, after they got rid of THE best and most traditional graham cracker on the market ANYWHERE, are HORRID. PLEASE bring back a true and loved winner. This is a mistake and not what we expect from where we shop every week! Trader Joe’s Honey Grahams we’re the real deal and tasted just like the graham crackers of my childhood. No one I’ve asked will buy the replacement again after trying those crappy things.

  16. Calluna

    I had just thought the honey grahams were out of stock the last few times I was at Trader Joe’s… just tried the graham squares…. Tasteless.
    As above reviews ask… who tastes these things … why change something very tasty to something bland and tasteless
    Getting to be fewer and fewer things to make the trek to Trader Joe’s worth it.

  17. Robert C

    I really liked the old Graham Crackers from TJs. Much better than nabisco. And now TJ has discontinued them? And replaced them with some tasteless junk? How disappointing. Please TJ. Bring them back.

  18. Tippy Hamilton

    Yesterday I went to TJ’s specifically for their graham crackers. They only had the cinnamon version so I looked online and found these reviews. I definitely will not buy the new version. As a previous reviewer said, the old version tasted just like my childhood grahams. TJ’s were the best, hands down better that Nabisco or the ones made by elves! Guess I’ll have to learn to make my own. Please bring back the original grahams, TJ. Forget the squares!

  19. Jane LaBelle Mason

    Please bring back traditional graham crackers.
    My favorite and was the main reason I shopped there. Now I go somewhere else.

  20. Kathleen W

    Trader Joe’s graham crackers were the best! Better than the other store bought brands. These are not in the same league. Please bring the other crackers back!

  21. Susan McGriff

    Graham cracker squares were the best ever. I would buy 5/6 boxes at a time. My husband loves snacking on them and I dunk in milk. Now they are discontinued. I’m sooooo sad and disappointed

  22. Kurt

    I agree with all the other comments about the cinnamon sugar gram cracker squares. The regular gram crackers were awesome and now they’re discontinued and I’m trying to find a replacement. That is just as good as theirs. Just got some from target which got almost 4 stars not even close to those delicious Trader Joe’s graham crackers, so disappointed to find out they’re discontinued Nabisco, honey grams are made in Mexico and when you open the box, it smells and taste like paint thinner they used to be the best would rate them zero stars but this comment section would not let me do that

  23. Sharyn

    I love the new Graham Cracker Squares.

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