Trader Joe’s Sliced Crimini Mushrooms Reviews

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  1. Anonymous

    The intent of my review is not retributive in any way; I simply want to bring to your attention my miserable experience with the above product, and hope that no one else experiences it.
    I’ve enjoyed a relationship with Trader Joe’s products and staff for 35 plus years; retiring from my career, I was hired at the Newport Beach store for 3+ years, and enjoyed everything about TJ’s (except the Water Wall~LOL).
    A friend got two bags from the Salvation Army-Cathedral City 5 days ago- she said they were brownish-black when she got them, with brown liquid in the bag. She froze the bag I got and after I fridge thawed, the pictures show the mushroom’s condition: Black, soaking in brown liquid, impossible to cut and tasted like a salt lick (lol whatever a salt lick tastes like). I tried to dry them out with paper towels, but moisture kept pouring out; Lots of paper towels, scrubbing and scouring, and MY time later, I tossed them.
    Here is the topper: My wood cutting board was permanently stained, and my counter top was stained from bag markings!!!
    I realize the stores kindly donate products nearing expiration, then written off. But this does not excuse donating bad foodstuff.
    Thanks for your time reading this review and best regards, Joan Calkins

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