Trader Joe’s Tanzania Coffee (Small Lot) Reviews

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1 review for Trader Joe’s Tanzania Coffee (Small Lot) Reviews

  1. Audrey St. Lawrence

    The Small-Lot Single Origin (Mbeya) Tanzania coffee from Trader Joe’s is a surprisingly decent offering for a dark roast. So don’t expect a light or medium roast as with other roasters out there.

    There is a touch of fruit with a nice smooth aftertaste that is rounded with little to no acidity.

    Nice to see the Mbeya region of growers improving upon itself.

    If you are looking for a typical African single-lot/small-lot with fruit forward appeal, then you may find this offering a bit out of your comfort zone.

    If you are looking for an offering that shows minute hints of earthy Central America or Papua New Guinea (goodness) and a balanced hint of fruit, this may be the one to try out.

    Good pricing makes this one hard to pass up to try out fresh brewed….enjoy it cold or hot; with or without milk/cream.

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