Trader Joe’s Organic Lemon Torchietti Pasta Reviews

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27 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Lemon Torchietti Pasta Reviews

  1. Ceci Gigiolio

    Best pasta ever. Slight lemony flavor. Bonus points for being organic=NO glyphosate!!!

  2. Florence Bianco

    Excellent pasta love the lemony flavor waiting for Trader Joe’s in Palm Beach Gardens to get more

  3. Anonymous

    Incredibly delicious. In the package, the pasta looked thick, and I was worried it wold remain uncooked in the center. Not at all! Perfectly al dente and a subtle lemon flavor. Delicious with sauteed cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, and parmesan. Top with freshly ground pepper.

    I also did another variation with raw chopped red peppers, finely chopped fresh sage, salt, and a tiny bit of crushed red peppers, all tossed in olive oil and sprinkled with parmesan. Devine!

  4. Cristina

    So good! I hope this is a permanent item, because it’s perfect! With just a little butter and grated Parmesan, it makes the best plate of pasta.

  5. Bob

    Loved it! Delicious, delicate lemon flavor.

  6. Cynthia estee

    Best pasta ever tasted. Went back to store, they say not getting any more. Limited edition

  7. Ann Kelly

    I love this pasta! Was told it is all gone and you won’t be carrying it any more . Say it isn’t so!

  8. Anonymous

    Very good, different! Enjoyed it

  9. Holly L

    Very, very good. I added toasted pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes and chopped arugula. I knew it was seasonal, so I went back a week later & it was gone. It was a short season. I was told it was in the stores for only 2.5 weeks.

  10. Anonymous

    Sooo good! I will be buying this again! Used it with TJs Limone sauce. Not bad for premade sauce. Quick easy meal.

  11. Leslie

    This was so good. Made it with a white wine garlic cream sauce and shrimp. It was outstanding!! I hope they bring it back sooner rather than later!! Delish pasta!

  12. Melinda

    Delicious! Please bring it back as a year-round item!

  13. Christy

    This lemon pasta is so delicious but I was told it won’t be stocked again. I’m begging you to have this as a regular item. It will sell out fast. It’s incredible

  14. Joanne Calhoun

    This is the best pasta ever! It needed no butter just a little salt and pepper! I am making it today for Greek Easter using it for a pasta salad, feta cheese, tomatoes, cukes, and kalamata olives, a little olive oil salt, pepper, oregano. It should be amazing!!!
    Our Trader Joe’s doesn’t have any more, will they restock? I hope so! Being newly diagnosed with dairy allergies it’s hard to find great flavors without cheese. I was lucky to find sheep feta. Clovis, CA.

  15. Nikki

    This is the best pasta I have EVER tasted! Sadly I am on my last leftover bowl of spaghetti and cannot fathom knowing this pasta has sold out and hasn’t been restocked since my first purchase. Please please please bring it back!! We need this in our lives 🙂

  16. Virginia Loerop

    So good! I made it for my spring luncheon and added 2 jars of pesto, parmesan cheese, grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes, lemon pepper, and sautéed kale. I can’t find it at the store now. Please make this available longer!!

  17. Sue

    This was delicious! Hot or cold.
    Is no longer on the shelves. So disappointed. Would make an awesome summer salad.

  18. Jane Hanak

    I loved it! Unfortunately bought only one box. Went back, sold out until next year. Wish I knew company in Italy who made this pasta. I only eat pasta for Italy, we are the only country that sprays our wheat with Glyphosphate!
    Plus, Italy has not changed it’s “Strain” of wheat, or altered the DNA of Wheat, which is why we can not digest our wheat, her in the USA.

  19. Sonya Johanson

    WHY is this seasonal?? And if it is, why isn’t it out for the summer. This is the best pasta. You carried a lemon parpadelle also a long time ago, it was also delicious. PLEASE bring the lemon pasta’s back……

  20. Laila Barr

    Best pasta ever! Please bring it back!

  21. Kim

    *chefs kiss

  22. Laura Dee

    I completely agree with all the positive posts above. Hands down, best pasta ever! I served a few days ago to outstanding reviews! Went into Traders to purchase more today…..gone! Please bring this back. My first review here.

  23. Teresa Ruiz

    So tender, so delicious, light, and flavorful, absolutely scrumptious! So many ways to make it. I was so dismayed when I learned it was no longer on the shelves and there was no word about when it would return. Please bring it back and make it a staple, permanent item! Plus, the fact that it is organic with no glyphosate is a huge deal!!

  24. Antoinette Brown

    I loved this pasta. Very Light lemon flavor. Easy meal! Just added Trader Joes Pasta Sauce. Loved that it was organic. Did not bother my stomach . I have problems with Gluetin. Please make this a permanent item in your stores!!!!! PLEASE!!!

  25. Debra Hampton

    Trader Joe’s why would you only have this pasta seasonal it is one of the best pasta I’ve ever tasted
    And I am desperately trying to find some before next year. Why don’t you just put it on yourself there’s so many people that asked for it. Why don’t you just put it on yourselves now I gotta go find something from somewhere else and I’m not gonna stop until I do.

  26. Norma Moran

    Please bring this pasta back!! I echo all the good reviews here. Please consider our request!

  27. LGD

    Learned how to make it on my own after not finding it for a long time at my local TJ. I much prefer the perfection from the store

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