Trader Joe’s Organic Date Syrup Reviews

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Made from 100% Deglet Noor dates, with nothing added. It can be used in place of maple, agave, or any other syrup.

2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Date Syrup Reviews

  1. Jesse W.

    This was good, but not as mind blowing as I’d hoped. I love date flavored shakes/ice cream type of desserts, but wasn’t sure what to use date syrup on. I ended up drizzling it on some blueberry muffins (though they were made with the TJ’s blueberry muffin mix, which is not particularly great). It was good, and I liked it, but it felt a bit intense in an over-the-top sweet way or something. Curious what it would be like as a pancake dip.

  2. Tom

    It’s pure dates. Tastes like dates, made from dates, no other ingredients. I’m not sure how anyone could leave less than a 5 star review. I carry this on my bike rides instead of “energy gels”. Dissolves in cold liquids really well, too (iced coffee!) Nature is metal!

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