Trader Joe’s Organic Completely Cacao Chips Reviews

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100% Ivory Coast cocoa beans – unsweetened chocolate.

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22 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Completely Cacao Chips Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Love them. Healthy, perfectly sized & shaped for snacking or granola, and organic.

  2. Helen Wang

    This is a great products except I can’t find them in the store anymore. When will them come back?

  3. Julie Greenman

    These chips are healthy, smooth, creamy, and the very best 100% chips around!!

  4. Marjie

    My sister loves these. Will this product be coming back? I’m having trouble finding it. Thank you.

  5. Cathy

    TJs discontinued these. I verified it with 2 different locations. I wish I’d realized it so I could have stocked up

  6. Pat B.

    I loved these. One of my favorite – certainly rather esoteric – Trader Joe’s products. I understand that they’ve been discontinued. I grieve ….

  7. Ron Behrens

    Excellent 100% cacao (great for snacking, don’t taste like “baking chocolate”).
    Seems that Trader Joe’s has discontinued these? Most unfortunate.

  8. Caroline

    I love these cacao chips. The store manager told me they were discontinued…PLEASE bring them back! They have extraordinary health benefits and I can’t find anything else like them anywhere.

  9. Trisha

    My husband and I were devastated to find out at our store that these have been discontinued. Ever since we gave up eating sugar 3 years ago, this was one product that we loved and still felt like we were having something sweet. We used them pretty much daily in oatmeal, granola, cookies. Please bring them back!

  10. Deb

    Love these unsweetened cacao chips. Please consider returning them to your inventory!!

  11. Anchor & Explore LLC

    Please bring these back! They were the best.

  12. Eric

    I went to my local TJ’s today to pick up cacao chips. I always buy them in bulk, usually three bags at a time. I’m so sad to learn they are being discontinued. Please bring them back!

  13. Stefanie

    Trader joes, I only shop at you because of those chips! Where are they?!?!
    Just such a disappointment…

  14. Bode

    I’m really bummed TJs stopped selling these cacao chips. They were perfect in so many things, or on their own. Bummer

  15. Rachel

    Please please please bring them back!!! These were THE BEST! I’ve found other 100% cacao chips, but they don’t begin to compare to yours.

  16. AG

    Unbelievable product. Best of the best organic cacao. Last time I bought this product was months ago and I bought 20 bags because the closer Trader Joe’s didn’t have it. Please bringing it back

  17. Liz Rose

    We love these and had them every morning with our Greek yogurt. I’m sooo disappointed that they are gone!!!

  18. Stacey Bridges

    These are (were) the best. The texture was perfect, very satisfying crunch. I agree, Trader Joe’s, please bring these back!

  19. Jen J

    This was a staple in my holistic nutrition course. Seriously. People fear change, especially to a no sugar diet. These chips were my gateway to breads and cookies for clients/students and myself, to not feel deprived. I sincerely hope that you consider bringing these back. There really is nothing like them.

  20. Marjorie

    Please bring these back! These are so good!
    thank you,
    Marjorie- Nutritionist

  21. Missy

    Please bring these back!!

  22. Mojdeh

    Where are these?!!! Please bring them back!

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