Trader Joe’s It’s Sedimentary My Dear Cookie Reviews

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A jar with layers of sugar, brown sugar, peanut butter chips, oats, coffee, graham cracker crumbs, candy coated chocolate drops, and flour. Just add butter and egg to make cookies.


13 reviews for Trader Joe’s It’s Sedimentary My Dear Cookie Reviews

  1. margaret

    Unfortunately, this cookie did not taste good to me which was odd in light of the fact that it contained all the delicious ingredients that I love. I will be returning to my nearest Trader’s with receipt in hand : (

  2. nikki

    A bit dry. I hate that it has coffee in it so I can’t pass it around to my neighbors with kids (children. do. not. need. more. energy.). It needs something else, though. Yogurt pretzel bits? Speculoos butter? caramel chips? I don’t know.

  3. John

    It’s the best cookie my wife and I have ever had. She and I love to find the tastiest treats there are and this cookie currently holds the number 1 spot! We were so disappointed when we discovered that they no longer had them in stock at the store. We hope that they are brought back next season. Fingers Crossed!

  4. Anonymous

    My daughter and I bought about
    25 jars, of this cookie mix from
    Trader Joe’s . We gave them to
    Co-workers, and neighbors during the
    Holidays. We are still getting calls , asking where can we purchase these
    From people . The cookie mix is absolutely wonderful and easy to make . Plus the price is affordable .
    I sure hope that Trader Joe’s brings
    This back . I did let them know that
    A Valentime jar with something similar would be a great idea ……..
    Thank you Trader Joe’s for such
    Fabulous products ! Anita

  5. Eleanor Joan Jayne

    Not good at all. Should have called these cookies “Kitchen Sink.” Too many competing flavors to taste and the coffee throws off the taste. Also, they do look like a sedimentary rock and do not spread out because they are chilled, very visually unappealing. Very disappointing product.

  6. Svetlana Molokova

    The best cookies we ever made from a jar. They were delicious. We want them back in stock not only for the holidays.

  7. j scott

    most delicious cookie I’ve had from a mix.
    Wish they weren’t just a seasonal item!!

  8. Angie

    The best. Cookies. Ever. Wish they would stock year round. Since they don’t, I am going to try to duplicate on my own….

  9. Sue

    So delicious! I wish I had the recipe.

  10. Deanna Kimble

    Loved these cookies! I’m a purist when it comes to cookies, I only make homemade, nothing from a box and usually not so much ‘stuff’ in them. So I didn’t have high hopes for these (they were given to me as a gift) so it sat in my pantry for 8 months before I gave them a try. I was pleasantly surprised! They were so good! Crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside with great flavor! I will most definitely be looking for these again this year! Some have said that it had too many ‘competing flavors’ but we thought they were delicious! The subtle coffee flavor was the BEST! Trader Joe’s, please bring these back this year!

  11. Loue

    My 9 year old daughter read and follow the instructions. They turned out great!!! They are our favorite cookies now!!

  12. Karen

    Received these as a gift. I removed the peanut butter chips and substituted for chocolate chips. We are fans!

  13. Anna

    The cookies received a raving review from my 6-yr old picky eater. Also, he was very engaged in making the cookies; he thought the jar with all the ingredients looked super cool. I am not a sweets/sweet baking goods fan, but I had to try them after my son’s “best cookie in the world” statement and I must say I quite enjoyed it because I reached for a second one.

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