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21 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Coconut Cream Reviews

  1. Linda

    This product used to be my reason for driving to Trader Joe’s. It is now mostly coconut water. The quality of the product is not the same

  2. Kelly Gough

    Super Awful. I used to go to TJs once a month and buy about a dozen cans to use in my morning coffee. I was nervous when I saw the new label but when ahead and bought a dozen. It was a huge mistake. I tried several cans, I tried refrigerating it, using my emulsion blender, keeping it room temperature, heating it up before use. They were all awful, watery, oily and a terrible taste. I want TJs to bring back the brown can. I haven’t been back since.

  3. Annette

    save your money and DO NOT buy this. Very disappointed in this product. It was mostly water and oil. Not cream. It says coconut cream and that was what I was expecting. Will NEVER buy again.
    ingredients: organic coconut water
    this is not a cream.

  4. Elmy

    I don’t know what they were thinking changing the coconut cream. It is so horrible!
    Please bring back the original brown can.

  5. Vanessa

    I don’t know what these other reviews are talking about …. This new organic coconut cream is AMAZING. I’ve been on the hunt for pure coconut cream and this is the only one I’ve found (aside from fresh raw coconut cream at a place that cuts open fresh coconuts). Every other brand has some weird chemicals or guar gum in it. This is PURE COCONUT. It may seem thinner, but its not. Its just not fluffed up with guar gum and other crap. This is exactly what pure coconut cream looks like and it TASTES AMAZING. I hated the old one they carried and this one is SOOO much better. Tip: if you keep it in the fridge, it has a thicker consistency.

  6. Rachel

    This coconut cream is the best coconut cream that I’ve ever found! I joyously heard about it from my favorite cooking blog…the whole process of letting regular coconut milk separate to use the cream and then having to save the water was just a lot of work and now a thing of the past. I’m confused by these other negative reviews….I’ve actually starting using Trader Joe’s as my regular grocer now because of this product! (If someone was using the old coconut cream for coffee, maybe they should try the coconut coffee creamer instead?)

    Bottom line, this coconut cream is by far the best on the market…THANK YOU Trader Joe’s!!

  7. Anonymous

    Very oily. The coconut oil breaks away from the milk. It really ruined my green curry. I had to add cornstarch to bind the fat back into the coconut water. Orchid coconut milk, which is available at Stater Brothers, is reliable and superior for curry.

  8. Rachel Carlson

    You can’t whip this coconut cream. It comes out in a mix of milk and clear fluid. Try again Trader Joe’s.

  9. Val

    I can’t get the water and cream to combine to make a creamy texture. I’ve tried by beater and my blender!

  10. Terry

    I have been using TJ’s coconut cream in my coffee, I purchase 10 cans at a time. However I have noticed that the cream has been changed. The cream constantly separates, it is no longer creamy and is no longer snowy white. TJ at times to has removed it from their shelf’s before because problems. I believe it’s time to stop buying. I am very disappointed in TJ’s quality control. If you send a photo of what this crap looks like, trust me it would be there.

  11. Amber

    I’m with all these people down voting the quality of Trader Joe’s coconut cream. I purchased 12 cans within the last 8 months and only two of the 12 cans opened were creamy. All the rest were separated and the oily part of the coconut cream could not be blended with the water part. It’s really weird. It’s like the two products are synergistically opposed. You would think coconut water that has separated from the cream could be re-blended with its creamy part. Unless, the water and cream are from different sources. Then, every once in awhile, a can I open is similar to the old coconut cream that was delicious and creamy right out of the can. I will no longer be buying this product and suggest Trader Joe’s conduct a product review of all their sources for this product and determine which manufacturer is creating this awful product.

  12. DT

    I bought this to try out and compare to coconut milk. I use it in making Jamaican rice and peas. The Trader Joe’s coconut cream takes this rice dish to a different level The fragrance alone in the rice is unbelievable. It makes a noticeable and appreciated difference. I try to keep a couple of cans in my pantry.

  13. Elly Woman

    I has bought several cans of the coconut cream. They changed the formula. It’s no longer creamy. Just a big chunk of hard coco nut…that you can’t use for anything. The milk part is watery when you mix it with some water. I.wish that T-Joes would bring back the original. I keep returning cans to exchange out…but the next can isn’t any better. If they can give us coconut cream…then they shouldn’t advertise it as coconut cream.
    I’m going back for a refund this time.
    I guess the coconut milk won’t be any better? Disgusted!

  14. Shaunah McBean

    This coconut cream is the best! It’s pure coconut you can’t ask for anything more! Omg who can complain about the raw product nothing added! I’m Jamaican and I use this cream when making rice & peas and can I tell you it’s the Best! I give it 5 no complaints from me! I’m a satisfied customer extremely satisfied!

  15. Karly wenzel

    This is literally coconut water with a big chunk of coconut oil. Not milky in the slightest. My curry was not creamy whatsoever and as it was cooking you could see a visible lake of oil on the surface. I’ve never experienced this before with canned coconut cream, and this is my first time using Trader Joe’s brand. Super disappointing and strange.

  16. Liana

    I agree with several other 5-star reviews in that apparently, you Love this (because you are actually looking for nothing but organic coconut in a can) or, you Hate it (because you’re not).

  17. Bev McCullough

    What causes the brown sludge in the bottom of my can of TJ’s Organic Coconut Cream? Is it safe to eat? (MFD 11/10/21 , EXP 11/09/23
    Also, same question re smaller amt of light brown in the bottom of my TG Organic Coconut Milk (B:BF 02/03/2024)

  18. Tracee

    Is the brown sludge at the bottom normal?

  19. Binh

    opened the first can I ever tried and it was amazing like the 5 start reviews, then on to the 2nd can and that’s when I see what’s all the other 1-3 stars reviews is talking about! It’s so watery, and oily. There is like a layer of coconut oil just sitting on top, nothing like the first can! If they can do some quality control that would be great!

  20. Brig

    Same here. I stopped buying both coconut cream and coconut milk from Trader’s Joe. When I open the can, there is just a layer of an oily fat clump on top and I can’t even whip. Very disappointing!

  21. judy

    This is awful! It’s oil and water. Doesnt even blend unless you heat it and even then it separates after a while.

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