Trader Joe’s Coconut Creamer Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Coconut Creamer Reviews

  1. Mona Sotolongo

    I really enjoyed this creamer for about 2 years until I went to Traders to pick up and they pulled all of them off the shelf. The man working there, who was extremely nice and helpful went to the back to see why the cartons were pulled and still sitting in back in the refrigerated section…hmmmmn no answer.
    Whats up with that??

  2. Jo Traydar

    Flavor is too coconut &
    texture is too thin watery for a coffee creamer.
    Good addition to blender drinks
    – piña colada anyone ?

  3. Martie

    I love this creamer for its lite yet tasty flavor but this year they’ve removed it from the dairy shelf twice. What I’ve been told is that there’s a quality reason but nothing specific. If there’s a bad quality not fit for consumption, then TJ’s should tell us not to use it any more. Customers need to know. Now I am reading that we could
    bring in our previously purchased coconut creamer and get our money back!

  4. Catherine Weeks

    This is my favorite coconut creamer and I was very upset to find out yesterday that it has been discontinued. I use 3 of these a week in my oatmeal and chia pudding. I tried other brands when it wasn’t available and nothing was comparable. I will try the new Plant Folk one but am not happy to see that it is not organic and has salt in it, plus some unknown added flavors.

  5. Ariel

    Awesome!! subtle flavor yet great creaming power. Bring it back please!

  6. Rob

    Ruined my coffee. So watery it shouldn’t be called creamer. Plus, it’s loaded with sugar. I don’t take sugar in my coffee and it makes the coffee taste sweet and watery. Terrible!

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