Trader Joe’s Organic Cacio e Pepe Puffs Reviews

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Cheese & pepper corn rice snacks.

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11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Cacio e Pepe Puffs Reviews

  1. Ashie

    I love the flavor in these!! If you like black pepper which I do, you will love these!!

  2. TSP

    very strong flavor. Like a pirates booty but more flavor-coated. If you like the frozen Cacio e Pepe, you’ll probably like these. I’m not the biggest fan.

  3. Neena

    Great cheese flavor, and just enough pepper to make it interesting. A great option to their other cheese puffs.

  4. Leigh

    Flavor way too strong for a puff

  5. Zach

    Not as good as TJ’s other puff options but these will certainly appeal to a select few.

    In my opinion, the cheese flavour is not nearly strong enough and is heavily outweighed by pepper. It is a natural pepper flavour at the very least and they don’t leave your mouth oily which is common of puffs.

  6. GEND

    Agree that it’s not as good as other puffs from TJ’s – it’s slightly denser and not as airy! The taste is pretty good with the pepper being quite strong. Definitley a unique taste that I found pleasant, but with other options would not reach for again

  7. Andyland

    Some of y’all must have the palate of a toddler, because these are the single best crunchy snack TJ’s has ever put on the shelf. If you like a good Alfredo, and appreciate black pepper, you will likely find these heavenly. If you don’t like a good Alfredo, you’re either beyond hope or lactose intolerant, so the last thing you should be worrying about is Trader Joe’s.

  8. Mea

    Too crunchy and only the taste of pepper… No cheese flavor! Returning

  9. Nancy

    These are immensely delicious! Simple but delightful. I have to hide the bag from myself or I’ll eat the entire thing. If you are a fan of delicious flavor, as well as one that’s not as mainstream as cheddar or sour cream, get these. (Despite my accusation of the sour cream being mainstream, it’s also a favorite of mine.)

  10. Violet

    It’s not bad for what it is but it’s also nothing spectacular. I’ll eat any kind of a puffed snack you put in front of me and these were edible. I wouldn’t buy it again but I enjoyed it enough when I tried it.

  11. WrenCorp

    I really like these. Great snack for a fun night. crunchy and heavy. Good all around snack if we’re being honest. Very peppery but good. Definitely a sharing snack. Not to be eaten alone.

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