Trader Joe’s Cacio E Pepe Pasta Sauce Reviews

(5 customer reviews)

With pecorino romano cheese and black pepper. Product of Italy.


Water, Pecorino Romano Cheese, Sunflower Seed Oil, Modified Cornstarch, Ground Black Pepper, Sodium Citrate, Xanthan Gum, and Sea Salt.

5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cacio E Pepe Pasta Sauce Reviews

  1. pauline cymet

    Creamy & rich, peppery, smooth, delicious on capellini or other pasta . Could be used on baked or mashed potatoes, veggies, to top poached eggs. VERSATILE, tastes homemade. ONLY NEGATIVE is that you must refrigerate & USE within 3 days, which for a one person household is problematic. For two or more, you would be able to use the entire jar without an issue. One of my favorite new TJ products. Left such a good taste in my mouth. USE with discretion as a little goes a long way. If it needs to be thinned, use a tablespoon of your pasta water. You will thank me for telling you about this sauce!

  2. Dana

    Great, tasty sauce. If you are a single diner like myself, I have found that it freezes well, too.
    I experimented with a couple ways to serve it, but this week I found the perfect combo. It is really great with TJ’s Arugula ravioli, steamed asparagus, and canned sockeye salmon!

  3. LCross

    If you’ve ever had the real thing you would dump this jarred sauce down the sink.

  4. Anonymous

    This stuff is awful! Tastes like a mix of heavy cream, water and a full grinder worth of black pepper.

  5. Betty

    The black pepper is overwhelming in this sauce. I think Giotto’s hand slipped when he added the pepper to this. I added butter and cream to soften it a bit and it was ok but not great.

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