Trader Joe’s Organic Buttery Plant-Based Spread Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Buttery Plant-Based Spread Reviews

  1. NYC Vegan

    This is the real deal. It’s so much better than the Trader Joe’s vegan stick butter! Very tasty and smooth!

    This has now become my go to vegan butter!

    Thank you Trader Joe’s!

  2. Helena

    Tastes fine and it’s cheaper than Earth Balance, therefore, I’ll buy it.

  3. Matt

    The flavor of this reminds me a lot of the 1980s weight watchers margarine that came in a plastic tub. It’s not really a bad thing because I actually liked it.

    The only thing I don’t care for about this is I spread it on the outside of an English muffin that I was grilling up to make a breakfast sandwich and when I was done the outside where the spread was became a bit sweet. I think it’s the coconut oil most likely. So it gave my breakfast sandwich a little bit of a sweet flavor on the outside that I didn’t really care for on a savory item. I assume if you use this to make a grilled cheese sandwich that also it would taste a little sweet on the outside.

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